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Design of demineralizer for the Boiler water treatment

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A source of water supply water with a Cationic content ( and Anionic content also ) of 123.75 ppm of CaCO3, and a Silica content ( SiO2 ) of 55.6 ppm of CaCO3.

The water will be treated using a demineralizer that has two ionic exchange resins : the Anionic and the Cationic ones. The first has a capacity of 11.25 Kgrains per cubic feet of resin. The second one has a capacity of 13.67 Kgrains per cubic feet

We need an operational time of 12 hours before resins exhaustion, with a service water flow of 1200 GPM.

Calculate the amount of both resins ( on cubic feet ) for this service conditions.


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The Anionic and cationic load to resins depends on the total flow of water passing both vessels. This flow is calculated as :

Total water volume = 1200 Gal/min * 12 h * 60 min / h = 864000 galons

Cationic ...

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The expert examines the design of demineralizer for the boiler water treatments. The amount of both resins for the service conditions are determined.