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    Ideal Rankine cycle

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    Water is the working fluid in an ideal Rankine cycle. Saturated vapor enters the turbine at 18 MPa. The condenser pressure is 6 kPa. How do I determine the quality of the fluid at the turbine exit, and the heat transfer to the steam passing through the boiler in kJ per kg of steam flowing. The enthalpy of the steam entering the turbine is 2509.1 kJ/kg and of the steam entering the pump is 151.53 kJ/kg.

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    State 3 is a saturated vapor in an ideal Rankine cycle, so from the steam table you should be able to get the entropy here:
    s3 = 5.1044 (kJ/kgK)
    Across the turbine, the gas is expanded, hence pressure drops. The process is isentropic so:
    s4 = s3 = 5.1044 (kJ/kgK)

    And the ...

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