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    Simple Vapor Power Plant

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    Steam enters the turbine of a simple vapor power plant with a pressure of 160 bar and a temp of 560 C and expands adiabatically to 0.08 bar. The isentropic turbine efficiency is 85%. Saturated liquid exits the condenser at 0.08 bar and the isentropic pump efficiency is 85%. Determine

    a) enthalpy of steam leaving the turbine

    b) turbine work output per Kg of steam circulating

    c) pump work input per Kg of water circulated

    d) heat input in the boiler per Kg of water circulated

    e) thermal efficiency of the cycle.

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    This solution calculates the enthalpy of the steam leaving the turbine, turbine work output per kg of steam and pump work input per kg of water. An annotated diagram is included of the saturation area and all appropriate formulas are shown.