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Electrical Engineering

Calculating Electric Energy

Please refer to the attached file to view the accompanying formula aid. Question: A capacitor consists of a circular cross-section metallic rod of 1mm radius and a coaxial hollow metallic cylinder of 3mm radius of the inner surface. The length of the capacitor is 20cm. The space between the rod and the cylinder is filled by

Root Locus

Draw the positive and negative gain root-locus of (view attachment to see L equation). Hence find the gain to have a closed loop damping factor (0.7). Please view attachment to see full question as it was not possible to type it all out.

Multiplexer Conversion

2. Given a 16-to-1 Multiplexer, how many of the following are required: a) Inputs _______ b) Outputs _____ c) Control signals ______ 3. Given the following information: 1. 1024 words (1K) 16 bits/word 8 bits/byte How many bytes are available? _______ 4. Convert the following numbers as indicated a) 255 decim

Received Amplitude-Modulated Signal

In the received amplitude-modulated signal si(t) = A[1 + m(t)]cos2PIfct m(t) has the power spectral density G(m)(f) = (n_m/2)(|f|/fm), |f| <= fm or 0, |f| > fm The received signal is accompanied by noise spectral density n/2. The output signal-to-noise ratio is then?

Waveform with Fourier Transform

A waveform v(t) has a Fourier transform which extends over the range -F to +F in the frequency domain. The square of the waveform v(t), that is, v(t) v(t), then has a Fourier transforms which extends over the range: ============================================== Answers: a) -F to +F b) -2F to +2F c) -3F to +3F d) -4F to +

Frequency-modulated (FM) Signal

A frequency-modulated (FM) signal is by? Correlation receiver is equivalent to the matched-filter receiver? Attached pdf file.

DSP Quantisation Levels

1. An analogue signal is to be sampled from a transducer with an output voltage range of 0 to 10 volts and operating on a 12-volt power supply. The designer has available two analogue to digital converters (ADC): a 3 bit ADC and a 4 bit ADC. For each converter: (a) Supply the quantisation levels (including zero) that are avai

8051_C program definition

Fully explain what the program does by providing manual walk-through i.e. Step through the program by hand indicating state of variables, inputs and outputs at each statement. Give a general overview of what the program does using Layman terms. (See attached word document for program details)

Solving for Feedback Control Systems

Find T(y/r), assuming a standard structure and algebraic quantities, find g and f to get tracking, T(y/r) E [0.98, 1.02] with pE[1,5]. Please view attachment to see the diagram for this question.

FIR Filter Using Parks-McClellan Algorithm

See attached word document. The problem is taken from 'Digital Signal Processing using Matlab' by Ingle/Proakis. 1. A digital signal y(k) contains a sinusoid of frequency &#960;/2 and a zero mean unit variance Guassian noise w(k), i.e. y(k) = 2cos(&#960; k/2) + w(k) We want to filter out the noise component using 50-th or

DSP analog filter problem

This problem is taken from the Textbook 'Digital Signal Processing using MatLab' by Ingle/Proakis. The below system (in the attached file) acts as an analog filter. The analog signal m(t) is passed through an analog to digital converter and m(k) is the resultant discrete or digital output in the form e^(jw). The discrete sign

How much current will flow through the diode?

A 5.1 K resistor is connected between the cathode of a 6.2 V zener diode and a 12 V power supply. The anode of the diode is connected to 6 V. Approximately how much current will flow through the diode?

Problem on Subsample and Downsample of Image Processing

With the help of MATLAB, subsample and downsample a given 512x512 image with the following filters. They include: LxLy = [1 1;1 1], LxHy =[1 1;-1 -1]; HxHy = [1 -1;-1 1]; HL =[1 -1;1 -1]. The following pixel size the image should be downsampled to, ie (256x256),(64x64) are shown in the file attached. Show ou

Contains basic function in MATLAB files.

Write MATLAB script(s) to plot the basic signals below in two subplots. The upper subplot should be a continuous waveform (don't do g) and the lower subplot should be a discrete plot. a) Sinusoidal waveform b) Exponential Waveform c) Damped Sinusoid d) Sinc function e) Step Function & Square Wave f) Triangle Wave g) Im

Fourier Coefficient

Please work through attached problem and let me know how you did it. Thank you.

Ladder Logic Exercise

Please redraw the equivalent ladder logic diagram used to implement the hardwired circuit drawn in figure 5-48 (see attachment), wired using: a. A limit switch with a single NO contact connected to the PLC input module. b. A limit switch with a single NC contact connected to the PLC input module. Assuming the hardwired cir

Ladder Logic

Redraw each of the following programs corrected for the problem indicated (see attachment): a. Problem: nested programmed contact (Fig.5-44). b. Problem: vertical programmed contact (Fig.5-45). c. Problem: some logic ignored (Fig.5-46). d. Problem: too many series contacts(only 4 allowed) (Fig.5-47).

Ethernet Switching

1. A user message is split into 15 frames, each of which has an 80% chance of arriving error-free. If no error control is used by the data link layer, how many times must the message be sent on the average to get the entire message through? 2. A communication channel has a bit rate of 14 kbps and an one-way propagation delay

Differential Amplifier Design

Please work the problem and explain how you found the necessary values. Thank you. Design a differential amplifier as shown in Figure 11.28 incorporating a basic two transistor current source to establish Iq. The bias voltages are V+=15V and V-=-15V, the transistor parameters are Beta=180 and Va=100V, and the maximum forwar


Hi, I know you do not do homework assignments but I am studying for a test tomorrow and these are practice tests w/ no answers and so I really need to learn how to do them. Could you please help me understand and SOLVE the entire problem (again, this is not a homework problem, just practice.)?

Two Stage BJT Design

Design two stage amplifier and provide the hand calculation and draw the ac analysis and dc analysis with the following specification (see attachment): Small signal gain >100 Input resistance Ri > 2kΩ Output resistance Ro < 1 kΩ Use BJT with b=100 and ignore (ro). resistance RL= 10kΩ. Single supply voltage of VCC= 6 V

Telecommunications System

A unit for a telecommunications system is to be designed so as to have a minimum availability of 0.9994. The MTTR (mean time to repair) for the unit is estimated to be 24 hours. The unit is to consist of (n) effectively identical elements in parallel, from a reliability point of view. If the hazard rate of each of the elements i

Creating a Database with Specific Queries

Create a database with the given E-Diagram and the given queries. Emmanuel Akpan Given the schema that we decided to adopt as a standard, create the database in Oracle (or other database if you can't get Oracle to run on your machine). The data to be entered into your database is listed below. Department: Depart

Operational Amplifier

An operational amplifier (Op-Amp) circuit is built to measure the temperature of an exothermic process in a lab. The circuit uses a thermistor (Resistance Temperature Detector) to monitor the target temperature and a voltmeter to measure the output voltage of the Op-Amp ciruit. Since the thermistor is a passive device, it requ

Why can discrete-time FIR digital filters be made exactly linear phase ?

Why can discrete-time FIR digital filters be made exactly linear phase, whereas IIR digital filters cannot? I only require a sentence describing why - not any derivations of formulas etc!!!. I know what makes a filter exactly linear phase (impulse response must be symmetrical), but i don't know why IIR filters cannot be m

Comunication technology

I was wondering if you can please help me with the solution to the following questions. 1a. When a square wave with a fundamental frequency of 2khz and amplitude 5v and comprised of up to five odd harmonic (each successive odd harmonic having half the amplitude of its predecessor) is passed though a standard telephone line o

Partial fraction expansion

We have a function (see Attachment). Using a partial fraction expansion of Y(s) find Y(z) when T=0.2 seconds.