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Wireless Networks Questions

You want to download a 5 Mbit file over a 10-Mbps Rayleigh fading channel in the 1800 MHz frequency band. You are traveling at 6 km/h and use 1000-bit packets. The fading margin of the channel is 20 dB. If any packet is received in error during the transfer, the operation is aborted. (a) What is the probability that you successfully transfer the file? Solve this by using both the Markov packet error model (where r=Pr(Success|Failure) ) and the level crossing rates (assume an exponential distribution for fading and non-fading durations). (b) If after a failure you wait a long time and then retry, what is the average number of attempts you will need to finally succeed? (c) Do you think doubling the packet size would help?

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