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    Electrical Engineering - Root locus

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    (b) A particular system has the open loop transfer function:

    g(s) = (s+4)/((s+1)(s-2))

    sketch the root locus for this system

    (c) The system is placed in a feedback control system as shown in Figure Q6. Determine the gain, k, which would result in marginal stability. Determine the frequency of oscillation which would result for this gain. What would be the effect of increasing the gain above this value


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    1. Locate the poles and zeros of on the s-plane.
    Poles are -1 and +2. Zeros is -4.

    2. Determine the asymptotes of root loci.
    Angle of asymptotes
    when is number of poles and is number of zeros.

    3. Find the breakaway and break-in points.
    The ...

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