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demonstrate relationships within an economy

Please explain in detail so i can gain full understanding of this subject. 27-3 Explain how each of the following will affect the consumption and saving schedules (as they relate to GDP) or the investment schedule, other things equal: a. a large increase in the value of real estate, including private houses b. a decline i

Japanese economics

Economic opportunities arise from countries which develop industries in which they have a comparative advantage. Using the country of Japan help discuss and explain the following 1. Explain the concept of comparative advantage. 2. Identify factors of production or technology that are in relative abundance in Japan (r

Real World Competition and Technology

The title of an article "The Wall Street Journal was "Pricing of Products Is Still an Art, Often Having Little Link to Costs." In this article, the following cases were cited: Vodka pricing: All vodkas are essentially indistinguishable - colorless, tasteless, and odorless - and the cost of producing vodka is independent of

Productivity & Costs

How does technology affect an organization's productivity and costs? How has your organization used technology?

Polices for Environmental Externalities

Sometimes market activities (production, buying, and selling) have unintended positive or negative effects outside the market's scope. These are called externalities. As a policy maker concerned with correcting the effects of gases and particulates emitted by and local power plant, answer the following questions: 1. What two

Business Proposal and Macroeconomics Policy & Implications

PLEASE HELP ! ! ! The business I am using is a newly created Childrens Hospice - looking to perhpas expand I need about 700 - 900 words with original material formatted APA style I am going to use this information as a basis to form a power point presentation I would like each section delineated for ease of

Major barriers to entry into an industry

1. Discuss the major barriers to entry into a industry. Explain ow each barrier can foster monopoly or oligopoly. 2. What effect would a rule stating that university student must live in University dormitories have on the price elasticity of demand for dormitory space? What impact might this in turn ave onroom rates?

Potential Problems from a Toll Gate Built into the Road

The technology is now developing so that road use can be priced by computer. A computer in the surface of the road picks up a signal from your car and automatically charges you for the use of the road. a. How could this technological change contribute to ending bottlenecks and rush hour congestion? b. What are some of the proble

Capital budgeting

The Business Situation Greetings Inc. stores, as well as the Wall Décor division, have enjoyed healthy profitability during the last two years. Although the profit margin on prints is often thin, the volume of print sales has been substantial enough to generate 15% of Greetings's store profits. In addition, the increa


1. Getrag expects its sales to increase 20% next year from its current level of $4.7 million. Getrag has current assets of $660,000, net fixed assets of $1.5 million, and current liabilities of $462,000. All assets are expected to grow proportionately with sales. If Getrag has a net profit margin of 10%, what additional financin

Market Trends /Discussion Questions

Dear OTA,in this I want to paper describe MARKET TRENDS that STARBUCKS will face.How each of the following WILL change OR will NOT change, and why: 1.Price 2.Technology 3.Cost structure a.) Wages and benefits b.) Fixed and variable costs 4.Price elasticity of demand (explaining my conclusions) With at least references please I

Current Market Conditions / Discussion Questions for project

I am working on a project that will consist of about 110-125 words per question. I need to analyzing the current market conditions of "Starbucks" (selected Business)Please address the following topics in your analysis: (all information is about Starbucks only) 1. Prices 2. Technology 3 Price elasticity of demand With one

Immigration- Write a short Essay

Someone makes the claim that immigration must always be good for the economy because the increased supply of labor will result in a higher GDP. Evaluate this statement. In your answer take into account the skill level of potential immigrants as welll as all factors which go into the determination of GDP per capita. Remember that

Current Market Conditions Paper for Home Depot

Current Market Conditions Paper Prepare a 500 word paper analyzing the current market conditions of the Home Depot. Please include the history of the Home Depot, the market in which it operates the role of government regulations of company and any issues or opportunities that the Home Depot faces. Please address the following

LoJack Market Trends

I need approximately 400 words total to describe the market trends the LoJack company will face for the following areas: a. market structure b. Impact of new companies entering the market This will build on the attachment which described the current market conditions of LoJack (oligopoly)for (a) market structure and (b) i

Current Market Conditions Paper

Prepare a 1,400-1,750 word paper analyzing the current market conditions of the organization/industry you selected. Address the following topics in your analysis: Market structure Impact of new companies entering the market Prices Technology Productivity (consider the law of dimishing marginal productivity) Cost Structur

Market Trends for General Motors

In 500 words describe market trends that General Motors organization/industry will face and address(discuss) how their prices and technology will change or will not change, and why: Explain your conclusions. The 500 word count should be broken down as (250 words for each topic "Prices and Technology. ) Please include at

Air Bags and Public Safety

Since 1997, at least 3 million vehicles have been recalled due to air bag related problems. Of these, roughly half were due to problems of the sort that only time and road experience are likely to reveal. Automobile air bags were originally designed as supplemental safety devices to be used along with a combination shoulder-

Supply and Demand

What effect should each of the following have on the demand for gasoline in a competitive market? (Increase, Decrease or no change)? On Demand: 1. more gas stations are built _________ On Supply: 5. an increase in the price of electronic equipment in making tvs ___ 6. a decline in the number of firms producing tvs. _

Organization Analysis

In 400-500 words, answer these questions. Please do not provide history or any other info about the company that is not related to these questions. Just address the questions. 1. Should Burger King continue, expand, or reduce current operations in order to maximize profits? Explain your reasoning. 2. If the answer is to ex

Global Operations - Apple Inc

Select a U. S. company with global operations. Write a 3-4 page project in which you do the following: Discuss the firm's activities outside the U.S. Identify which economic concepts, such as comparative advantage, apply to your firm. Explain how these economic concepts can be used to address the firm's problems and

Market trends Paper_Verizon

I'm writing about Verizon and I needed some help on these sections of the paper. Describe market trends that the organization will face. Explain your conclusions. Address how each of the following will change or will not change, and why: (at least 700 words) 1. Prices 2. Technology Part B: 1. Determine how global com

Current Market Conditions Paper

Current Market Conditions Paper. I am asked to analyze the current market conditions of Verizon. The two analyses that I have the most problem with are: 1. prices 2. technology I have no ideas as to how these two topics can be analyzed. Please provide references.

Agricultural development

Is raising agricultural productivity sufficient to improve rural life in LDCs ? What policies can be designed to transform agricultural development and raise levels of living in rural areas in LDCs

Microeconomics by McConnell Bruce

1. Why is private property, and the protection of property rights, so critical to the sucess of the market system? 2. Evaluate and explain the following statements: a. The market system is a profit-and-loss system b. Competition is the disciplinarian of the market economy 3. What is meant by the term "creative destruct

Perfect competition, game theory and monopoly

Please see the attached file. 1. Consider a perfectly competitive, constant-cost industry with market demand curve Q = 540 -30P In the short-run, there are 100 -rms operating in the market. Each -rm has TV C(q) = q 2 and -xed costs of $20. For 50 of the -rms, $4 of these -xed costs are sunk, and for the other 50, all $20 ar

John Irish, CFA, is an independent investment adviser who is assisting Alfred Darwin, the head of the Investment Committee of General Technology Corporation, to establish a new pension fund.

I am having trouble understanding exactly what is being asked for. The graph is attached. 11. John Irish, CFA, is an independent investment adviser who is assisting Alfred Darwin, the head of the Investment Committee of General Technology Corporation, to establish a new pension fund. Darwin asks Irish about international equ