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    Capital Labor Ratio is examined.

    1-In the following Solow growth model, consider the capital-labor ratio K* satisfying S (K*)= (n +) K* What is K* called? What is k at K? Explain equation1 in words then explain carefully how this is related to the Solow model diagram. 2-Present and Explain the diagrammatic model that shows the possible need for a Big Pus

    The American Economy

    What improbable items are thieves stealing? What technology is used to catch them? What's wrong with America's economy, and is America's economic problem short term or long term? According to the author of "Seize the moment," what does government need to do at this point in history?

    Effect of a Patented New Techonology on Long-Run Equilibrium

    Suppose the book-printing industry is competitive and begins in a long-run equilibrium. a. Draw a diagram describing the typical firm in the industry. b. Hi-Tech Printing Company invents a new process that sharply reduces the cost of printing books. What happens to Hi-Tech's profits and the price of books in the short run whe

    You are an Executive Chef at a private boutique hotel

    You are an Executive Chef at a private boutique hotel on the beach in Florida, with 60 rooms; a banquet facility serving up to 175; a coffee bar in the lounge, which also offers complimentary cold breakfast; and a 50-seat table service restaurant for lunch and dinner, all encompassed in one building. The management team at your

    Analyze an oligopoly.

    TELEPACIFIC EXPANDS INTO TEXAS WITH TEL WEST PURCHASE, present two arguments. The first should argue in favor of the proposed merger, from the perspective of the firms. The second argues against the proposed merger from the perspective of the broader public interest. In those arguments, answer the following questions. 1. Expla

    Methods of cost reduction in an organization

    Study an organization of your choice and recommend methods to reduce costs. What effects do technologies have on costs? What are some lower cost sources the organization may utilize to reduce cost?

    Cubby Corporation entered into a lease agreement for 10 photocopy machines for its corporate headquarters. The lease agreement qualifies as an operating lease in all terms except there is a bargain purchase option. After the 5-year lease term, the corporation can purchase each copier for $1,000, when the anticipated market value is $2,500. Glenn Beckert, the financial vice president, thinks the financial statements must recognize the lease agreement as a capital lease because of the bargain purchase agreement. The controller, Donna Kessinger, disagrees: "Although I don't know much about the copiers themselves, there is a way to avoid recording the lease liability. She argues that the corporation might claim that copier technology advances rapidly and that by the end of the lease term the machines will most likely not be worth the $1,000 bargain price. Answer the following questions. (a) What ethical issue is at stake? (b) Should the controller's argument be accepted if she does not really know much about copier technology? Would it make a difference if the controller were knowledgeable about the pace of change in copier technology? (c) What should Beckert do?

    Cubby Corporation entered into a lease agreement for 10 photocopy machines for its corporate headquarters. The lease agreement qualifies as an operating lease in all terms except there is a bargain purchase option. After the 5-year lease term, the corporation can purchase each copier for $1,000, when the anticipated market value

    Coase theorem and other concepts are assessed.

    1. Despite the appealing logic of the Coase theorem, private actors often fail to resolve on their own the problems caused by externalities. 2. According to the Coase theorem, if private parties can bargain without cost, then the private market will solve the problem of externalities 3. Government intervention in the econo

    Monopolies and Oligopolies Explored

    1. How many major wireless phone handset manufacturers are there? What is the market structure? What pricing strategies do wireless phone handset manufacturers use? How do wireless phone makers attempt to differentiate their handset offerings? 2. In two of the four market structures (monopoly, Oligopoly, Monopolistic Competi

    Technology advancements are assessed.

    The future possibility of doctors analyzing X-rays and performing other duties from remote locations via the Internet. How will this change affect international business? What other industries might be affected by similar technological advancements? Is this type of change entirely beneficial, or do you believe there will be nega

    demonstrate relationships within an economy

    Please explain in detail so i can gain full understanding of this subject. 27-3 Explain how each of the following will affect the consumption and saving schedules (as they relate to GDP) or the investment schedule, other things equal: a. a large increase in the value of real estate, including private houses b. a decline i

    Market Trends for the Univ. of Phoenix

    I need assistance putting together information. My section encompasses the following: - Impact of new companies entering the market - Technology - Competitors Explain your conclusions Topic: University of Phoenix

    New technology

    Explain how the market for corn would be affected if ethanol, a corn derivative, was used to fuel cars in the United States. How would the market be affected if a new technology caused corn farming to be more efficient?

    Japanese economics

    Economic opportunities arise from countries which develop industries in which they have a comparative advantage. Using the country of Japan help discuss and explain the following 1. Explain the concept of comparative advantage. 2. Identify factors of production or technology that are in relative abundance in Japan (r

    Real World Competition and Technology

    The title of an article "The Wall Street Journal was "Pricing of Products Is Still an Art, Often Having Little Link to Costs." In this article, the following cases were cited: Vodka pricing: All vodkas are essentially indistinguishable - colorless, tasteless, and odorless - and the cost of producing vodka is independent of

    Productivity & Costs

    How does technology affect an organization's productivity and costs? How has your organization used technology?

    Polices for Environmental Externalities

    Sometimes market activities (production, buying, and selling) have unintended positive or negative effects outside the market's scope. These are called externalities. As a policy maker concerned with correcting the effects of gases and particulates emitted by and local power plant, answer the following questions: 1. What two

    Business Proposal and Macroeconomics Policy & Implications

    PLEASE HELP ! ! ! The business I am using is a newly created Childrens Hospice - looking to perhpas expand I need about 700 - 900 words with original material formatted APA style I am going to use this information as a basis to form a power point presentation I would like each section delineated for ease of

    Major barriers to entry into an industry

    1. Discuss the major barriers to entry into a industry. Explain ow each barrier can foster monopoly or oligopoly. 2. What effect would a rule stating that university student must live in University dormitories have on the price elasticity of demand for dormitory space? What impact might this in turn ave onroom rates?

    What is the Net Advantage of Leasing?

    Calculating the NAL. Please see the attachment. Redstone Corporation is considering a leasing arrangement to finance some special manufacturing tools that it needs for production during the next three years. A planned change in the firm's production technology will make the tools obsolete after 3 years. The firm will depre

    Potential Problems from a Toll Gate Built into the Road

    The technology is now developing so that road use can be priced by computer. A computer in the surface of the road picks up a signal from your car and automatically charges you for the use of the road. a. How could this technological change contribute to ending bottlenecks and rush hour congestion? b. What are some of the proble

    Equity vs. Debt Financing

    You are an entrepreneur starting a biotechnology firm. If your research is successful, the technology can be sold for $30 million. If your research is unsuccessful, it will be worth nothing. To fund your research, you need to raise $2 million. Investors are willing to provide you with $2 million in initial capital in exchange f

    Capital budgeting

    The Business Situation Greetings Inc. stores, as well as the Wall Décor division, have enjoyed healthy profitability during the last two years. Although the profit margin on prints is often thin, the volume of print sales has been substantial enough to generate 15% of Greetings's store profits. In addition, the increa