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The American Economy

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What improbable items are thieves stealing? What technology is used to catch them? What's wrong with America's economy, and is America's economic problem short term or long term? According to the author of "Seize the moment," what does government need to do at this point in history?

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The American Economy:

Some of the improbable items thieves are stealing are the investor's willingness to borrow funds and invest. This has been increased with increase of interest rates imposed on cash flows in the economy. Thieves are also stealing household consumers money amount of monetary value imposed on commodities as tax. This is seen in the increase of the government spending as proposed in the budget that has reached 5.6 trillion dollars that is almost eighteen times more than it was in year 1970. The thieves are also stealing the purchasing power of the consumers through the inflation rates that has increase the cost of house hold goods (What Is, 2009). Productivity of workmanship is stolen by some of the employer's who knowingly of unknowingly employee individuals who are unauthorized to work for a country.

There are various technologies that are used in the country to catch some of these thieves. These technologies range from setting up E-verifying systems that allows the employer to easily study the eligibility of an employee to work for the country. The E-verifying system requires ...

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"Seize the Moment" is analyzed in terms of the American economy in the solution. It discusses the initiatives in cooperative global management.

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