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The Gaardian Project

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Report what GAARDIAN and SENTINEL are doing to combat GPS jamming. How can the future be predicted based on Tweets?

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The Gaardian Project:

This is a project funded by the UK government that was designed to develop solutions that will look in to the interference phenomena that is associated with the operations of the Global Positioning Services (GPS) among other navigation and timing signals. At the heart of this project is the understanding, detecting and analyzing of the causes that bring the failure to the GPS systems. The vulnerable nature of this system from interference, results to failure and jamming of the operation. This causes a devastating impact in the economy, infrastructure crime and even national security (Gaardian, n.d).

This project has created a mesh of PNT interference detection and mitigation sensors that will be applied to monitor the integrity, reliability and accuracy of the locally received GPS. A natural and intentional interference alarm network has been made to monitor the GNSS signals. Through this project, any irregular conditions that will be detected by ...

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