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    Technology and globalization

    How has technology impacted globalization over the last decade? What impact has it had had on costs and prices?

    Microeconomic topics - taxation

    1. The cost of taxation to society includes: a. the expansion of consumer surplus. b. the expansion of producer surplus. c. the direct cost of the money paid to government. d. a lowering of the cost of exports. 2. An example of the benefit principle of taxation is: a. rich taxpayers should pay more than poor ta

    Short Run Production Functions

    Graph and explain what the effects would be (short run production function) if a new advanced process was discovered. How would the number of workers hired (variable input) change? This is a profit maximizing firm, also explain the profit maximization condition the firm uses.

    Innovation explained in this solution

    Is innovation increasing or decreasing? Is the productivity of workers increasing or decreasing? What rewards exist for a company to be first with an innovation? Are computers still considered an innovation?

    Market Leaders and Monopolies

    IBM Corporation has a reputation for not necessarily developing new technology, but acquiring relatively new companies with innovations and successful technology. Why is it that market leaders and monopolies generally acquire, rather than develop new technology?

    impacts of innovation and technology

    What do you think are the most important determinants that impact the demand for the banking industry's product/service? What do you think are the most significant determinants that would impact the supply part of the banking industry? What are the impacts of innovation and technology on the cost of production?

    Finding most efficient combinations of labor and capital as their prices vary.

    A. Problem III: (each part counts for 5 points) Semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs or "chips") are manufactured by building up layers of circuitry on silicon wafers. To fabricate chips, each layer must line up precisely with the patterns of other layers. To align layers, firms employ a combination of capital equipment and

    PPF Responses to Various Events

    How each of the following would affect the U.S. production possibilities frontier? (a) An increase in the population of the country (b) A war (c) The discovery of a new oil field (d) A decrease in the unemployment rate (e) A law that requires individuals to enter lines of work for which they are not suited.

    Information systems changing organizations

    Describe how information systems are changing various aspects of the accounting profession. Include a description of a variety of new technologies and their effects on accounting processes. In addition, discuss how these technologies have changed the way accounting is performed at your organization or an organization of your cho

    ROE of Ingersoll Rand and United Technologies

    I need small help with calculating ROE for two organizations. I would like some help with that (Excell functions works best) and a short analysis of the findings. The two companies are: Ingersoll Rand, and United Technologies. Theirs annual report can be found at http://www.shareholder.com/ir/financial_reports.cfm and http

    Production and New Technology

    A country has a fixed amount of Capital and Labor (K*, L*) which lies on an aggregate isoquant when all inputs are being used efficiently. The input prices wages (w) and rental rate of capital (r) adjust so that all factors of production are utilized. There is a change in technology that makes labor more productive. Questi

    Investment decision

    XYZ plc operates in the paint industry. XYZ is considering to renew its technology, and to do so, a new machine needs to be bought. There are two types of machines. Machine 1 costs £10,000 and has a 3 year lifetime. Machine 2 costs £1,000 and has a 2 year lifetime. Both machines have nil scrap values at the end of their lifeti

    Discussion question

    Some economists might say: "The demand for labor is a derived demand, because, when the demand for goods and services drops, less labor will be demanded at old wage rates. the surplus of labor that results will ideally lead to a drop in wages until unemployment is eliminated." Why is it that wages are not dropping instead they

    General equilibrium theory efficiency

    Consider an economy that uses labor and capital to produce two goods, beer (x) and peanuts (y), subject to technologies that exhibit constant returns to scale. The marginal cost of a 12-ounce can of beer is $0.50. The marginal cost of a 12-ounce tin of peanuts is $1.00. Currently, the economy is producing 1 million 12-ounce cans

    IBM's activity in India

    I need assistance to develop enough information/research to come up with a minimum of 5 pages that address EACH of these questions specifically. Please list references/resources so that I can complete the research. I would like to focus on IBM for this project. 1. Explain firm's activities outside the U.S. 2. Identify

    Technological change and patent protection

    For many years, your firm has been protected by patents, Technological change and the introduction of new products have been slow. Soon, these conditions will change. Your patent protection is expiring, and the rate of technological change and innovation has increased substantially. Discuss how these changes are likely to aff

    Explain the roles of financial institutions in the global economy.

    Explain the roles of financial institutions in the global economy. Discuss how the financial services industry is likely to change over the next decade. Discuss how these changes might impact stakeholder relationships your organization has with financial institutions.

    Investment Tax Credits

    I'm looking a impacts from investment tax credits and need an explanation of impact for a-i below. Let's say I'm a lobbyist and I find out Congress is considering reinstating a 10% investment tax credit in order to stimulate the economy. The bill would apply to purchases of all new capital equipment, so, it would increase th

    Organizational Structure

    You realize there's a link between market stratetgy and organizational structure...so it's time to do more research! Look at three very different global companies. Determine their organizational structure and what market entry strategies each of these companies are currently using. Consider why each company designed its organiza

    ECommerce & Theory of Individual Behavior

    What can be said concerning eCommerce (such as Amazon and other online stores) and individual behavior vs traditional storefront retail and individual behavior? Please be thorough and include examples & sources. Please do not include references to auctions.

    Economics of internet

    Please go to the following link and read the article. I have to write my opinion on this artice. I just want you to give me a paragraph of your opinion so I can refer to it. The theme is 'international comparison' and the class is about 'economics of internet'. http://www.cipic.ca/en/media_press.htm

    Economics of internet

    Please go to the following link and read the article. I have to write my opinion on this artice in 3-4 pages. I just want you to give me a paragraph of your opinion so I can refer to it. The theme is 'international comparison' and the class is about 'economics of internet'. http://www.hardwarezone.com/news/view.php?id=323

    International Trade Theory

    Contrast several trade theories: Ricardian Model, Heckscher-Ohlin Model, Leontief paradox and the Linden model. How does each challenge the other and improve on previous work?

    Industry Impacts: Broadcasting and Media

    Please find the case study 'Strategic Inflection: TiVo in 2003 from Harvard business school'. You will have to pay $6 to view it. (Sorry) I would like to get a short analysis on this case study so I can brainstorm with.