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What would have been the likely outcome had the government not intervened to help with key economic issues of the companies please do a detail analysis. Also please list references.

IS curve and taxation questions

1. In a certain year the aggregate amount demanded at the existing price level consists of $100 billion of consumption, $40 billion of investment, $10 billion of net exports, and $20 billion of government purchases. Full-employment GDP is $120 billion. To obtain price level stability under these conditions the government should:

Aggregate Supply/Demand Diagram: Unemployment Example

A) Why would you expect the inflation rate to accelerate if the actual unemployment rate declined to a level lower than the "full employment" unemployment rate and remained at that low level for a year or longer? Explain your answer in a few sentences. B) Draw an AS/AD diagram illus

Monopsonistic discrimination and supply curves

With reference to the diagram that I have attached I would like to be able to explain the concept of monopsonistic discrimination. In addition, I would like to be able to explain (a) why the supply curves in this diagram for men and women differ? (b) be able to explain why women are paid less under the circumstances represented

Production functions

Use the following data for a firm's output at various levels of employment (L) to calculate: Number of Workers (L) Output (Q) 1 100 2 300 3 600 4 850 5

The main impact of the deficit spending

Assume the U.S. is in the midst of a recession and a new president has just inherited an already large public debt. As a top economic advisor to the new president, you are asked to explain the trade-off between the short-run and long-run objectives of using deficit spending to pull the country out of the slump. Make your case.

Changes in Aggregate Supply

Lit three factors that can change the economyâ??s potential output. What is the impact of shifts of the aggregate demand curve on potential output? Illustrate your answers with a diagram

Constant Growth Model

The U.S. Bureau of the Census publishes employment statistics and demand forecasts for various occupations. (employment in 1,000) Occupation 1998 2008 Bill collectors 311 420 computer engineers 299 622 physicians assistant 66 98 respir

Cost function

Three University of Florida engineering students are considering operating a mobile car clinic in Gainesville, Florida, during their summer break. This is an alternative to summer employment stacking plastic cups at a local injection molding manufacturer where they would earn $10,000 each over the three-month summer period. A va

10 macroecomic multiple choice questions

In economic analysis, any amount of profit earned above zero is considered "above normal" because.. a. normally firms are supposed to earn zero profit. b. this would indicate that the firm's revenue exceeded both its accounting and opportunity cost. c. this would indicate

Split Congress Condition Economy

What condition would our economy be presently in and what type of stimulus and healthcare package would we be seeing if, by a silly quirk of fate: a) The Prez was from Arizona, the Vice-President was from Alaska (last years's GOP ticket), and the GOP controlled Congress? Could our economy withstand this scenario? b) The Prez w

Equilibrium Income Calculations

1. Suppose that initially equilibrium was 200 units and that this was also full employment level of income. Assume the consumption is C = 25 + 0.8YD, and that, from this level, we now have a decline in investment of 8 units. What will be the new level of income? What increase in government spending would be needed to restore

Sexual Issues & Discrimination

As the new human resources [HR] manager you should now create portions that specifically address gender issues and are targeted at training and raising the sensitivity of all employees to potential gender issues. It should include a section on how the supervisor should or should not handle certain gender-based workplace issues.

Discussing Government Budget Deficit & Unions

1. What is a government budget deficit? How does a federal budget deficit affect the economy? How does it affect the level of investment and interest rates? How does it affect the individual consumer? Give at least three examples in your response. 2. Are unions good or bad for the economy? How do unions at GM and Ford affect

Managerial Economics

The factors that affect the demand for new passenger cars in the U.S. are given; From these data answer the following questions. 1. Estimate the demand equation for new cars of the form Y = a +b1X1 + b2X2 + b3X3+b4X4 2. With the use of a graph, compare the estimated demand Y' based on the above equation with


Translate your ideas into economic analysis using the specific economic theory and economic terms Why is frictional unemployment important to have in any economy? Explain why hyperinflation has such a devastating impact on economies. Explain what it takes to stop hyperinflation. Describe the three types of unemploymen


1.Assuming the level of investment is $16 billion and independent of the level of total output,complete the accompanying table and determine the equilibrium levels of output and employment in this private closed economy. What are the sizes of the MPC and MPS? Possible Levels Real Domestic Consumption, Saving

Theory & estimation of Production

Hi, Having difficulites solving the following problems, can someone give me some clues? Thanks. Number Of Workers Output 0 0 1 50 2 110 3 300 4 450 5 590 6 665 7 700 8 725 9 710 10 705 1) The table above shows the weekly relationship between output and number of workers for a factory with a fixed size of p

Key Objectives and Q&A?

Visit the home page of the Federal Reserve Systems of the central bank of US at and read the key objectives of the Fed to stabilize the macroeconomic crises of the US economy. Based on the information on monetary policy objectives and tools, answer the following question A. A) What are those key objecti

Discussion on Tax Incidence

Stuck on two questions, need at least 2 to 3 paragraphs for each answer. 1.Ultimately who will pay the cost? Look up tax incidence on Wikipedia. 2. Can other externalities be dealt with similarly? See the attached file.

Average Wages in the U.S. Exportable Sector

3. Use the Heckscher-Ohlin/factor proportions framework with two factors, skilled and unskilled labor, to evaluate the following arguments. Suppose X is more skill intensive than Y. Suppose the US is more skill abundant than the rest of the world. Explain your answer. a) Average wages are higher in the US exportable sector.

The Economic Status of Chemistry

Answer the following questions on the economic status of chemists. the answers may be found in the chemistry and engineering news issues of june 2, 2008(questions1-8) and march 9, 2009(questions 9-10) look under ACS news (2008 issue) or salary survey (2009 issue) and be sure to check

Thr federal Reserve

Please provide original work to meet the attached requirement concerning the federal reserve.

Keynesian cross diagram

Question 2 Suppose that initially the goods and services market is in equilibrium at the potential (full-employment level) of output and that the government budget is balanced, that, is government spending equals tax revenues. a. Now suppose that because of headwinds from a credit crunch, consumption and investment fall. A

Gross Domestic Product and Recession

What is "Gross Domestic Product" (GDP), and how is it determined each month? What does the term "Recession" mean and how do we know when one occurs? How does government intervene to move the economy out of a recession?


1) Assume that in Canada the opportunity cost of producing 2 television sets is 3 bushels of wheat. Assume that in the U.S. the opportunity cost of producing 2 bushels of wheat is 3 television sets. If these two countries specialize according to comparative advantage and then trade with one another, then __________. a. Canada

Federal Reserve Monetary Policy

I need a little guidance to help me get started on this assignment. Write a 700-1050 word paper on the U.S. Federal Reserve's monetary policy o Define the purpose and function of money o Explain how the central bank manages a nation's monetary system. o Outline the stated direction of recent monetary policy in the