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Split Congress

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What condition would our economy be presently in and what type of stimulus and healthcare package would we be seeing if, by a silly quirk of fate:
a) The Prez was from Arizona, the Vice-President was from Alaska (last years's GOP ticket), and the GOP controlled Congress? Could our economy withstand this scenario?
b) The Prez was Ron Paul, the Vice-President was Dave Letterman, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Robin William, Jay Leno, or some other profession comedian who love to poke fun at these somewhat amateur comedians who nowadays pose as our politicians; and the Congress was split between Independents, Libertarians, and Tea Party candidates? Could our economy withstand this scenario?
Be specific with your answers....use sound economic theory and thought; and of course whatever economic comedy you care to inject.
Feel free to answer this question at your convenience throughout the week. Really interesting things to consider, especially if we add the question of what would our economy look like 4 years from now under the policies of the above options (a) or (b).............Interestingly, just to see what would really happen in 4 years I would like to give option (b) a shot at it.....

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This is a question designed to make you think creatively, and there is no right or wrong answer. The economy might withstand such a situation, or it might not depending on many other factors. Your answer will likely depend on your opinions of the parties mentioned as well as exactly how many members of Congress belonged to each. While the Tea Party and the Libertarian Party would oppose most government spending, there may be more variation on this within the Independent Party.

In any case, this would be a major shake-up for many sectors, ...

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Speculation on the economic consequences of a Congress split between Independents, Libertarians, and Tea Party candidates.