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    Labor Demand and Market Equilibrium

    Using an appropriate diagram, show and explain briefly how a rise in the minimum wage could result in higher employment in a monopolistic labor market. Could a similar increase in employment accompany the rise in the minimum wage if the labor market is not monopolistic? Explain your reasoning.

    Outsourcing pros and cons

    Identify the pros and cons of the following consequences of outsourcing decisions made by U.S. companies in response to growing globalization and tougher competition in the marketplace. Provide a comparative analysis of the differing or similar perspectives of CEO's and senior executives, shareholders, middle managers, economist

    See attachment. Are hourly employment costs a fixed or variable cost?

    See Attachment. a) Are hourly employment costs a fixed or variable cost? b) How is the average total cost curve affected by these changes in costs? In the chart you found, what has been the trend in employment costs since 2002? c) What is the likely implication of the trend in employment cost on profits?

    Multinational corporations friction costs!!!

    For multinational corporations, friction costs arise where practices of the firm are seen by the public as exploitative or unethical. These actions lead to public criticism and loss in the value of the company's goodwill and may translate into measurable sales losses. There is growing evidence that a corporation's image can

    Neutrality and supernuetrality of money

    Please note: - this is a master's level, so please explain every step you make in you answer. -If you think you could give me a fully perfect answer for this question, then let me know and I'll restrict the posting for you. Question: What is mean by "neutrality" or "superneutrality" of money? Give examples and discuss wh

    effect of this new technology

    Consider the following information for a T-shirt manufacturing firm that can sell as many T-shirts as it wants for $3 per shirt: Number of workers Number of shirts produced per day MP(L) TR MRP(L) 0 0 1 30 2 80 3 110 4 135 5 20 6 170 7 30 8 15 a) Fill in all the blanks in the table. b

    Productivity and real wages

    Dear OTA: Please help me complete this task. These are the questions I need answered but I sent an attachment through to that explains what I ultimately need done. Thank you so much!!!! ? Please describe the concepts of full employment, inflationary gaps, and recessionary gaps. ? Please identify and describe the current

    You observe that output is above full-employment output.

    You observe that output is above full-employment output. Politicians are arguing about the possible reasons. One party claims that this is due to a drop in world oil prices. The other party claims that this is due to an increase in consumer spending. Using aggregate supply-aggregate demand graphs, explain (a) how each of the abo

    Aggregate Demand for Keynes

    Please help me understand this! What did Keynes say we should do to Aggregate Demand during times of recession or depression? How should it be done according to Keynes? Draw the supply and demand curves to illustrate.

    Article Suggestion

    I need to find an article, it has to be from the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, Forbes or Entrepreneur that I can answer the following questions from. 1) What is the objective of the article? Please note that the article has to be relevant to microeconomics and the topics covered in this class. 2) What topics a

    Anticipating a Tax Cut

    Please help me with the attached question. One page total (including graphs). Suppose you anticipate that the "Bush tax cuts" on capital gains and income will be reversed next year (or, more accurately, be allowed to expire). You believe the higher capital gains taxes will have a negative impact on capital formation. Depi

    Determining Equilibrium Real GDP and the Price Level

    Consider a country with an economic structure consistent with the assumption of the classical model. Suppose that businesses in this nation suddenly anticipate higher future profitability from the investments they undertake today. Give reasons to explain whether or how this could affect the following: 1.The current equilibri

    implications of a tariff

    Here is the question: All of the economic implications of a tariff are due to two of its properties. What are they?

    Reduction in the Rate of Money Growth

    I am trying to understand the effects of a reduction in the rate of money growth. In particular in relation to inflation and unemployment in terms of both rational and adaptive expectations.

    Goals of monetary policy

    What happens to the money supply, interest rates, and the economy in general if the Federal Reserve is a NET SELLER of government bonds? What happens to the money supply, interest rates, and the economy in general if the Federal Reserve is a NET BUYER of government bonds.

    Industry Overview Paper

    I need help with the following: Prepare a 500-word paper based on the home building industry which is clearly impacted by the macro economy . Include in your paper an industry overview. Also address the impact of real GDP, the unemployment rate, and the inflation rate as measured by the consumer price index (CPI). Also include

    International Economics

    You have learned that a subsidy is preferable to a tariff is the objective is to generate a given amount of employment in an individual industry. Explain this point of language so that it is understandable to someone untrained in economics.

    Impact of Tax on Optimal Retirement Age

    Most Social Security recipients do not currently pay federal or state income takes on their benefits. Suppose the government proposes to tax these benefits at the same rate as other types of income. What is the impact of the proposed tax on the optimal retirement age?

    Labor Market Research

    Two principles of economics that help explain how wages are determined in a market economy are: #1-People Face Tradeoffs and #2-Governments Can Sometimes Improve Market Outcomes Consider these principles when completing the assignment. Think of how they apply to the labor market for nurses. Research the labor marke

    Growth rate model- annual and continuous compounding

    Employment (1000) Occupation 1998 2008 Bill Collectors 311 420 Computer engineers 299 622 Physicians assistants 66 98 Respiratory therapists 86 123 Systems analysts 617 1194 A. Use a spreadsheet, calculate the 10-year growth rate forecast using the