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Business Article Review

I need to find an article, it has to be from the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, Forbes or Entrepreneur that I can answer the following questions from.

1) What is the objective of the article? Please note that the article has to be relevant to microeconomics and the topics covered in this class.
2) What topics are included in the article? Support this answer with relevant quotes from the article.
3) What have you learned from this article? Provide specific quantitative examples. If you do not find any, you have selected the wrong article.
4) What are the data sources for the article?
5) What economic indicators are used in the article?

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Here is the article:


1. The objective of the article is to show that the country may be going into a recession based on the fact that the unemployment rate is in a pattern that it was once in 2000, right before the economy went into a recession.

2. The article includes the topic of economics concerning the job market and an overall economic state. It states that "The weak report helped convince some wavering economists that the U.S. is entering a ...