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Elements of contract formation

Using the Internet, locate an article specifically related to the elements of contract formation. Prepare a 400-700-word review of the article. Be sure to properly cite and reference the article in your review, along with any additional sources that you use.

1.Summarize the article
2.Identify the legal business issue(s) raised in article
3.Discuss how the legal issue(s) affect business give example
4.Could the problem have been avoided? Explain
5.Discuss realistic solutions supported by sound legal and business principles.

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The article is at: http://netk.net.au/Contract/Gibson.asp
1.Summarize the article:
A local Council sent a letter inviting a formal application by council tenants to buy a house. Gibson the plaintiff, completed and returned the application. However, in the meanwhile there was a change in the government and the idea of selling houses was dropped. Gibson sued that there was a breach of contract. In the Court of Appeal Lord Denning held that a contract had been formed and this can be surmised from the correspondence between Gibson and the Council There was a dissenting judge G Lane who held that the application form was the offer and it had not been accepted by the Council and so there was no contract.
The House of Lords when appealed to favored the decision of the dissenting judge, it was held that there was no offer of contract by the council so there was no formation ...

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