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Description of Current Market Conditions

Address the following topics in your analysis: 1. Introduction a. Market structure b. Impact of new companies entering the market c. Prices d. Technology - e. Productivity (consider the law of diminishing marginal productivity) - f. Cost structure 1) Wages and benefits 2) Fixed and v


See attachment ------------------------ 1. Microeconomics studies a. the aggregate effects of the decisions individuals, businesses, and governments make. b. the choices individuals and businesses make. c. changes in the cost of living. d. Canada's business cycle. e. all of the above 2. Economists agree that a. ov

Real Wage for Net Domestic Products

1. Describe the different phases of the business cycle, and outline how unemployment, inflation, and GDP growth will change in the different phases of the cycle. 2. a. If the CPI in 2005 is 134.5, and the CPI in 2006 is 140.5, what rate of inflation has occurred between 2005 and 2006? b. The survey of spending in At

Macroeconomics: Federal Economics

Earlier this year Congress passed a major fiscal package, which includes personal tax cuts and increases in transfer payments, incentives for business investment, federal grants for state and local governments to reduce their need to cut services or cancel building projects, and increases in federal purchases. Estimates are tha


When the economy is close to or at full employment why is it difficult for the Fed to decide whether or not to change its interest rate target in the federal funds market?

8 General Economics Questions

1. What is a government budget deficit? How does a federal budget deficit affect the economy? How does it affect the level of investment and interest rates? How does it affect the individual consumer? Give at least three examples in your response. 2. Are unions good or bad for the economy? How do unions at GM and Ford affect

Tightening of fiscal policy

Please help with the following problem regarding employment experiences. Provide at least 100 words. Using your own employment experiences (and be sure to identify the sector in question), how would you relate the hiring practices of that industry or industries to fluctuations in the business cycle? What impact does a tight

Optimal Choice of Output

Problems are attached as PDF file as well. Problems 1.The data in the following table give information about the price (in dollars) for which a firm can sell a unit of output and the total cost of production. a)Fill in the blanks in the table. b)Show what happens to the firm's output choice and profit if the price of


Why do economists attempting to forecast short run future changes in real GDP and employment look closely at data on business inventories and unfilled orders?What conclusion could be drawn if the volume of unfilled orders and average length of delivery times decreased while inventories increased dramatically?

Aggregate Supply

Explain why the Aggregate Supply curve becomes increasingly steeply sloped at levels of RGDP near "full employment" and becomes especially steeply sloped beyond "full employment" RGDP

Tracking the U.S. Economy

#2 National Income Accounting: Define gross domestic product. Determine whether each of the following would be included I the 2007 U.S. gross domestic product: a. Profits earned by Ford Motor Company in 2007 on automobile production in Ireland. b. Automobile parts manufactured in the United States in 2007 but not used until 20

Causes of the recent current account deficit in the USA

Please help with the following problem involving economics. In 200-300 words, answer the following questions about the current US economic situation - What has caused the current account deficit of the USA in recent history? - Why is this a serious problem? This is for a 400 level course so an intelligent thought out resp

Intermediate Microeconomics

1. In the context of a supply-demand diagram of the low-skill labour market, a minimum wage above the competitive equilibrium will reduce employment relative to the competitive equilibrium. Show that the total revenue earned by labour may nonetheless increase. Given such an increase, show that, if all workers have the same chan

Retirement plans

Need help in preparing a 1 page paper discussing the major retirement planning programs and how they work. Please include the reference material.Please do not copy the information word for word.

Some questions

Hi. Here are some questions I'd like to compare the answers with. 1. A company sells regulators to other manufacturers who then customize and distribute the products to quality assurance labs for their sensitive test equipment. The yearly volume of output is 15,000 units. The selling price and cost per unit are shown below

Lagrangian Multipliers

1. Fixed capital and labor expenses = 1.2million/year Variable expenses = 2,000/unit of output Demand: Q = 1000 - 0.1P A. Calculate profit-maximizing output, price, and profit levels B. Using the Lagrangian multiplier method, calculate profit maximizing output, price, and profit levels in light of a parts shortage that

Labor Demand and Market Equilibrium

Using an appropriate diagram, show and explain briefly how a rise in the minimum wage could result in higher employment in a monopolistic labor market. Could a similar increase in employment accompany the rise in the minimum wage if the labor market is not monopolistic? Explain your reasoning.

Outsourcing pros and cons

Identify the pros and cons of the following consequences of outsourcing decisions made by U.S. companies in response to growing globalization and tougher competition in the marketplace. Provide a comparative analysis of the differing or similar perspectives of CEO's and senior executives, shareholders, middle managers, economist

See attachment. Are hourly employment costs a fixed or variable cost?

See Attachment. a) Are hourly employment costs a fixed or variable cost? b) How is the average total cost curve affected by these changes in costs? In the chart you found, what has been the trend in employment costs since 2002? c) What is the likely implication of the trend in employment cost on profits?

Neutrality and supernuetrality of money

Please note: - this is a master's level, so please explain every step you make in you answer. -If you think you could give me a fully perfect answer for this question, then let me know and I'll restrict the posting for you. Question: What is mean by "neutrality" or "superneutrality" of money? Give examples and discuss wh

Productivity and real wages

Dear OTA: Please help me complete this task. These are the questions I need answered but I sent an attachment through to that explains what I ultimately need done. Thank you so much!!!! ? Please describe the concepts of full employment, inflationary gaps, and recessionary gaps. ? Please identify and describe the current

Article Suggestion

I need to find an article, it has to be from the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, Forbes or Entrepreneur that I can answer the following questions from. 1) What is the objective of the article? Please note that the article has to be relevant to microeconomics and the topics covered in this class. 2) What topics a

Anticipating a Tax Cut

Please help me with the attached question. One page total (including graphs). Suppose you anticipate that the "Bush tax cuts" on capital gains and income will be reversed next year (or, more accurately, be allowed to expire). You believe the higher capital gains taxes will have a negative impact on capital formation. Depi