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Performance of Systems

PC Performance Improvements

Assume in your computer, the most of your daytime processes spend 75% of their time running in the CPU and 25% waiting for service from disk. Suppose also that someone is trying to sell you a processor array upgrade that is 50% faster than what you have and cost $10,000. The day before, someone called had called you on then ph

Designing a database

It is important to know the type of computer for running the database in order to ensure that the configurations of the computer are not too obsolete for the database to perform efficiently and properly. It is important for organizations to keep their hardware resources updated in order to maximize the usage of database manageme

Decision Support System Application

Write a paper demonstrating the application of your chosen DSS to a specific problem or set of problems. Include the role of the following components of a DSS as they pertain to your system: -description of the situation, intended users, database, and model base.

Testing Project Outline and Systems Review

Prepare a Testing Project Outline and Systems Review. Your submission should include the following (all in one document): A business letter addressed to the board of the Jonesville Library introducing the contents of the document A project outline and systems review summary that includes the following: A description of t

Create A System Design Document

System Design is a critical phase of the system life cycle. Poorly designed systems often do not achieve the intended goals. The proper design of inputs, outputs and interfaces play a key roll in system success. The goal of the design phase is to create an interface that is intuitive, logical, and easy to use while achieving the

IT Management

Scenario: Able Corporation has just hired you for the newly created position of Director of Strategic Planning and Analysis. Able Corporation is an old and venerable American manufacturer of a full range of portable electric power tools (PEPT). The company, which was a family owned business, is being considered as a possible

Oracle9i Database

1. In what business scenarios would partitioning be useful? 2. Dicsuss a business scenario that might call for an index-organized table? 3. Discuss a business scenario that might have use for a bitmap index?

Information on the following questions

Can you please assist me in locating information on the following questions 1. Application compared to operating system software 2. Pros and cons of application software in business and your personal environment 3. Operating system software for your personal PC: What are the differences among the Windows OSs 4

Systems can live a long life.

Systems can live a long life. Most of that time is spent in the maintenance mode. The cost of maintenance over a lifetime of a system can exceed the cost of development many times. Define and discuss different metrics to measure the effectiveness of maintenance activities. Why is it important to measure these metrics? Wha

Well-managed or poorly-managed system implementation?

Consider the following hypothetical scenario. A hypothetical company has grown substantially using an acquisition strategy. As new companies were acquired, new systems that those companies were using were also acquired. At this point, this company has "one of each" of the core, production system (this could be an ERP, HR/Fina

Systems Development Life Cyle and Analysis Questions

Please provide brief, but complete answers for the questions below. A concise answer would be appreciated. Please do not provide long detailed answers, but make sure the question has been answered in a manner that completely answers the questions. List and define the six major SDLC phases and the products of each. Indicate th

Managing Disk and Object Security and Users and Groups

Your team has been hired by a large restaurant called Habibi's. Habibi's has now grown into a national chain with hundreds of locations. Each location has one Windows Server 2003 and many Windows XP desktop computers. Your job is to set up the Windows Server 2003 so as to standardize operations so that software can be automati


Select one of the network tools found in a Windows 2000 server. Look up the use of this tool. Using a creative writing narrative format write a short story explaining how you would use this tool to keep the network running successfully.

Explain how to configure and administer individual servers and workstations

Sherrill Medical Group of California is a HMO that has contacted you to install Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory. They own the domain name. They have 2000 users equally dispersed in three locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. Sacramento is the headquarters, while the San Francisco offic

Data Manipulation and Monitoring

What do you feel is the best strategy for monitoring the performance of your SQL Server 2000 installation? What hardware components are involved in successful monitoring of a database installation? What can be done within the database itself to increase performance? Be sure to cite your sources.

Windows Server 2003 Network problem

I'm having a trouble with a local Pioneer hospital that has just moved to a brand new location. The Pioneer hospital has decided to use Windows 2003 for its computing environment. I have been hired to lead the implementation, management, and maintenance of their network. My initial task is to setup one server and 20 client mach

Distributed Systems

Describe a distributed system that you might come in contact with (e.g., eBay, priceline, cheaptickets,etc.). What are the advantages and disadvantages of the system. Is the system a client/server system? Please identify and document sources used to answer questions.

Intro to Software Engineering Multiple Choice

Software Engineering Multiple choice questions: 1. You are auditing current customer practices potentially amenable to software application(s). Which two should be part of the audit? (Choose two.) A. identification of current logical system(s) B. identification of current virtual system(s) C.

Quality management

You have already generated a project charter, a project schedule, and a cost estimate for the TopLiance Corporation, which sells home appliances. They have over 50 sales agents across multiple states. They have decided to implement an on-line sales program. The new Internet based sales program is expected to increase the sales v

Trends in computer technology

Explain what trends are occurring in computer technology that allow you to purchase better systems today than were available in 1996.

Stand alone computer system support

I am stuck at parts of this practice question. Please could the whole question be checked incase I have gone astray in answering it and also get help with answering the missing parts. I have attached a file with the questions and my attempted answers as well as the questions I could not answer. My answers are in red and I ha


Given the information below for a one year project please help with the questions that follows: PV is Planned Value EV is Earned value AC is actual cost BAC is budget at Completion PV = $23,000 EV = $20,000 AC = $25,000 BAC = $120,000 a. What is the cost variance, schedule variance and cost performance index (CPI)

Relational database management system problem

Please help me resolve the following issues: I am finding it difficult to understand the following: Contrasting the performance within a relational database management system with/without indexes, using numeric/non-numeric key fields, maintaining/generating calculated fields. I only need a brief explanation to set me in

Network & Computer Security

References: Background: Assume you are the network manager with several servers and over 500 client PCs. All computers are connected to the Internet via routers that you control. Read over the top 20 list at the above reference website. Problem: Answer the following questions: Are y