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Database management system (DBMS)

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Describe database management systems and what they are used for. (Consider Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.)

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The Database management system (DBMS) is the software that is used to control and manage the databases. Databases can be of two shapes in its nature,
1. Flat file
2. Relational database
The flat files can be as simple as other data files that are stored in the computer disk. Relational databases are maintained in the form of tables, which are having the relationship with other tables in its columns (attributes) and rows ('tuples'). The most famous and widely used DBMS today is Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). There are some commercially available programming languages that can be used to access the data in the databases either from flat files or relational databases. For example, COBOL is used for accessing the flat files and SQL; PL-SQL languages, which are own querying, tool for those relational databases. This can reduce the data fetching time (cost of the query) in a greater way. Most application systems ran in batch mode using data that was stored on magnetic tape. Data had to be read sequentially from flat files. ...

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Database management system's (DBMS) are explained. The DBMS uses are given.