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Use of Information Systems and Information Technology

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Find out how the various business disciplines (e.g. marketing, accounting, management, etc) are supported by Information Systems and Information Technology. For example, what would a marketing company (or the marketing department in an organization) need in terms of Information Systems and Information Technology to function? Choose one discipline only.

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Option Chosen

Marketing Department of a beverage and food distribution company

Organization Chosen

AGNA Group, Tirana, Albania [1]

Information out about the organization/business discipline

AGNA Group is a group of five companies most of which deal with distribution of beverage products as well as various food products of different companies both local and multinational. They are also involved in outdoor advertising, which is one of their child companies. But their main area of expertise is with marketing beverage products of various international brands.

Information Technology used within the organization

Information Systems and Information Technology have a crucial role to play in business development. As of now the marketing department has not yet implemented any information technology until now, but it has prepared a plan to use Information Technology in a quite comprehensive manner. The Information system used in the Organization is customized software that was prepared by their IT Staff using SQL Server and its reporting features to generate the regular sales reports apart from generating details of the work done by the sales men working in the marketing department.

Other Applications interacting with Information systems

As of now they have not email as a marketing tool, rather it has been only used for communication with its retailers. The marketing department of the company is now planning to utilize Information Technology ...

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