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    Memory Management

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    Scripting Language vs. Compiled Language

    Our department has been assigned the task of developing new software programs essential to supporting the introduction of Product ABC. We have narrowed our options to 4 possible system design. How should we proceed to evaluate the 4 options, decide on the design of choice, and create the production software to meet our goal?

    ODBC versus JDBC database interfaces

    What is the difference between ODBC and JDBC database interfaces? Why is it important to have effective and powerful interfaces like these for databases?

    Omega Network

    Given the following Omega network that allows 8 CPUs (P0 through P7) to access 8 memory modules (M0 through M7): See attached file for full problem description. (a) Show how the following connections through the network are achieved (explain how each switch must be set). (1) P0 -> M5 (2) P4 -> M2 (3) P7 -> M3

    Virtual Memory

    A computer has a page size of 1024 words, 132 virtual pages and only 6 page frames. Initially, the memory is empty. A program references the following virtual addresses: 0, 6001, 4000, 2047, 1075, 6250, 1009, 14333, 4099, 3800, 1024, 7231, 5101, AND 19000. Considering that the memory management algorithm in place is the LRU. Whi


    Step 1: Create a Virtual Host 1. Create a new directory "private_club" within the DocumentRoot directory 2. Create a new virtual host on your server with the name "www.private_club.com" that uses the directory you created in (1) as the DocumentRoot for the virtual host Step 2: Add support for PHP 1

    Declare a one-dimensional array

    Buffer-overflow is a common computer security concern. Write a simple program, in C, C++, and Java, to declare a simple one dimensional array and then attempt to access an array element that is not within its bounds. For example, what happens if I declare an array to be in studentNums[10] and then attempt to access studentNums[1

    Currency Conversion

    The product converts amounts of money from one currency to another currency. Five currencies are to be used. The currencies are: U.S. Dollars Canadian Dollars Japanese Yen Indian Rupees British Pounds. See attached file. A user enters an amount of money in one of the five currencies and requests to convert that mo

    write a program to calculate the exam grades for a class

    You will write a program to calculate the exam grades for a class of a few hundred students. Input Read the input file into your program as a comand line argument, rather than hardcoding the name as you were allowed to in project 3. Each student has a last name, first name, and five problem scores (the four problems on th

    Data Warehousing

    Overview: Use the attached file. Problem: - What is the scope of what can be considered a data warehousing failure? - What generalizations apply across the cases? - What do you find most interesting in the failure stories? - Do they provide any insights about how a failure might be avoided?

    Compare and explain between two programming languages

    I have two programs(Java and C++). They looks similar. But I need to explain why C++ is longer than java and what else to explain such as memory, time, build-in-function and so on... See attached file for full problem description.

    Time-division switch

    Suppose 5,000 input time slots are to be switched among 5,000 output time slots using a time-division switch. The time slots are refreshed every 100 microsec. What memory cycle time is required to keep up with the data flow?

    Scalability in a Web Application

    When should a developer use Session variables in a web application? How can a Session variable affect the scalability of a web application? Please cite sources. Two to three paragraphs please.

    Java and Other Programming Languages

    Please address the following: What are the major differences between Java programming language and any other language? List and discuss three items. What are some applications that are well suited for Java? Explain why this is so.

    Need help with database

    Jim and Tim have been toying with a new prototype for a robot. It is a miniature robotic dog that can bark, roll over, come when called by name and learn other tricks. Some loyal customers have been part of the process and are already interested in making a purchase. Due to the envisioned popularity of this new robot, Jim and Ti

    Pipelining Examples at Home

    1. Give a unique example of when you use pipelining at home (excluding laundry), at play, or at work. 2. When does pipelining not offer a benefit? 3. How does branch prediction, forwarding, and stalls help make a computer faster?

    Considering the Effect of Faults

    Describe the effect that a single stuck-at-0 fault (i.e., regardless of what it should be, the signal is always 0) would have for the signals shown below, in the single-cycle datapath in Figure 5.17 on page 307. Which instructions, if any, will not work correctly? Explain why. Please see attached file. Consider each of the fo

    Combinational and Sequential Logic

    Do we need combinational logic, sequential logic, or a combination of the two to implement each of the following: a. multiplexor b. comparator c. incrementer/decrementer d. barrel shifter e. multiplier with shifters and adders f. register g. memory h. ALU (the ones in single-cycle and multiple-cycle datapaths) i. car

    Improving an Organization's IT System

    Scenario: A twenty year old company, SewWorld, comprised of six locations in three states, sells sewing machines, sewing related software, and accessories. Each store sells between 3-5 different brands of sewing machines. Currently the stores run independently with separate inventory databases, budgets, and expenses. Because th

    The 8086 Family Architecture

    Use the nine PAL instructions listed below to solve the problems: MOV A,num MOV A,[addr] MOV [addr], A MOV B,A MOV A,B OR A,B NOT A GO addr *Provide the answer in the following format: Code Memory Contents of Code Address Instruction Address Me

    Multiprogrammed systems

    In most multiprogrammed systems, user programs access memory through virtual addresses, while the operating systems uses raw physical addresses to access memory. What are the implications of this design on the initiation of I/O operations by the user program and their execution by the operating system? Please provide a detai

    Dynamic Binding

    Need dynamic binding and its role in object-oriented programming explained.

    Useful Assembly Instructions

    Assembly Instructions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Add together all of the 2-word numbers that are stored from address 60000h to 60FFFh in memory. Store the sum starting at location 61020h. Each 2-word number may range in size from 00000000h to FFFFFFFFh. Include a flowch

    Comparison of C++ pointers and Java reference

    Please help with the following problem. Provide a detailed answer with references. Analyze and write a comparison of C++ pointers and Java reference variables. Use safety and convenience as the primary considerations in the comparison and also consider fixed heap-dynamics variables.

    Statistical Table for OTA #104811 or whoever can answer

    I am having trouble how to go about comparing my computer with the one given in this exercise. See the instructions below and my attempt to do this table. Please also provide the best way to approach this table with an example. Help! Thanks. In 1964 one of the most popular business computers was the IBM 1401. IBM built thous

    productivity based solutions

    Microsoft has expended a lot of effort into developing productivity tools for the Web, particularly with the .NET strategy. However, there are many other tools for creating Web solutions, eg. PHP, ColdFusion etc... The .NET strategy is extremely comprehensive, and yet there is always the continuing us versus Microsoft argument.

    Please answer and elaborate on the following

    What are the various types of clients that can be used to connect to SQL Server 2000 and the network requirements necessary for successful communications between the client and server? How do the Named Pipes and TCP/IP Sockets Named Libraries differ? What are the benefits and drawbacks of using ODBC to configure your clie