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    Virtual Memory

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    A computer has a page size of 1024 words, 132 virtual pages and only 6 page frames. Initially, the memory is empty. A program references the following virtual addresses: 0, 6001, 4000, 2047, 1075, 6250, 1009, 14333, 4099, 3800, 1024, 7231, 5101, AND 19000. Considering that the memory management algorithm in place is the LRU. Which references cause a page fault? Justify your answer by showing the mapping of pages to frames step by step. hide problem

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    I hope you know when a MISS occurs in Virtual Memory. If the requested page is not loaded in the Memory, a miss is said to occur, that page need to be loaded in the memory in order to access that address. There is no mechanism related to mapping of PAGES to FRAMES so I assumed virtual pages can ...

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