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    Page Table Questions

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    A system implements a paged virtual address space for each process using a one-level page table. The maximum size of virtual address space is 16MB. The page table for the running process includes the following valid entries (the --> notation indicates that a virtual page maps to the given page frame, that is, it is located in that frame):

    Virtual page 2 --> Page frame 4
    Virtual page 4 --> Page frame 9
    Virtual page 1 --> Page frame 2
    Virtual page 3 --> Page frame 16
    Virtual page 0 --> Page frame 1

    The page size is 1024 bytes and the maximum physical memory size of the machine is 2MB.

    a.How many bits are required for each virtual address? (decimal)
    b.How many bits are required for each physical address? (decimal)
    c.What is the maximum number of entries in a page table? (decimal)
    d.To which physical address will the virtual address (1524)base10 translate? (decimal)
    e.Which virtual address will translate to physical address (1024)base10? (decimal)

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    a. Since maximum virtual address space is 16 MB or 2^24 bytes, 24 bits will be required for each virtual address (considering byte addressing).

    b Similarly maximum physical memory size of the machine is 2 MB or 2^21 ...

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