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    Human-Centered and User-Centered Approach

    What are the differences between the "human-centered" and "user-centered" approaches? Do you agree that the human-centered approach is more effective? Why or why not?

    Unix, Linux and OS Analysis

    Functionally, we'll definitely find that Unix or Linux would be the best choice for a web server as it doesn't require all of the "extras" for the graphics. What problems can we have if the focus of the OS is all over the place?

    3 Questions about Bandwidth

    1: What would the Web be like if there were no limit to bandwidth? 2: What limits wireless bandwidth? 3: What is the importance of bandwidth?

    Java Applets - Class Graphics contains method drawOval

    Class Graphics contains method drawOval, which takes as arguments the same four arguments as method drawRect. The arguments for method drawOval specify the "bounding box for the oval - the sides of the bounding box are the boundaries of the oval. Write a Java applet that draws an oval and a rectangle with the same four argum


    1. Explain how layers in Fireworks work. 2. Considering vectors and bitmaps, how are images treated in Fireworks.

    Tools and techniques: HTML, XHTML, and Internet Explorer

    Take your front page design and, from this, build each of the pages referenced in your navigation area, which include the following: Gallery Biography Education Resume Contact You should then link each of these to one another using relative links. You do not need to add content yet to each of your other pages. For co

    Inheritance in allowing extensible designs

    I need to explain the the importance of inheritance in allowing extensible designs, by providing an example demonstrating my explanation. Please do not cite the ATM example, library management system, AGATE campaign or Food Company as they are already available in my text book.

    Selection for bitmapped or vector graphics

    For each of the following provide a detailed rational for choosing bitmapped or vector graphics when they are used in a web based application: 1. Botanical drawings 2. Finger prints 3. A 2D cartoon character (eg Woody Woodpecker) 4. A landscape 5. A photograph of yourself For each one justify why you would choose the p

    Question about scientific calculator

    Develop a simple scientific calculator that will allow the following functions to be calculated: tangent square sine cosine absolute value Make the Calculate button the Accept button. Create a Clear button to clear the result text box and reset all controls. Create an Exit button. Use labels to identify the

    Microsoft Office 2003.

    Microsoft Office 2003. Please go to the website below and select two training courses total (on either Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or Outlook) and provide a review of each. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/training/default.aspx Be sure to select training for two different applications (ie: select one Word and one Powerpo


    Give two examples where it would be appropriate to create a PowerPoint presentation to convey information to a group of people working in the field of law. Provide specific examples of possible presentations identifying who the group would be, the topic of the presentation, and why a PowerPoint presentation would be appropriate

    Adding Tables Vertical Columns

    Use a bit of personal freedom with this: Add a table to the attached document "solution" using at least two tables with any numbers you can think of, doesn't matter really. Be sure to include headers, text, and images. Use the tables to display thumbnails of the portfolio of photographs. One of the tables should be a nested t

    DOS and BIOS

    Write a program that will display the hex code for any key, or key combination that is pressed on the kdyboard. Display the key code in the center of the screen. For instance, if the key number 0 is pressed, display a 30 on the center of the screen.

    Java 3

    Problem: Write an applet that reads in the size of the side of a square and displays a hollow square of that size out of asterisks, by using the drawString method inside your applet's paint method. Use an input dialog to read the size from the user. Your program should work for squares of all side lengths between 1 and 20.