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1. Explain how layers in Fireworks work.
2. Considering vectors and bitmaps, how are images treated in Fireworks.

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1. Explain how layers in Fireworks work.
Every time a new object (or text) is drawn, it is placed in a new layer. Layers keep objects separated. The stacking order (overlay) of layers can be changed two different ways in two different locations:
1) Select an object (or text) and choose: Modify > Arrange > Bring to Front or Send to Back (etc)
2) Open the Layers Palette (Window > Layers) and drag and drop layers in the list from top to bottom.

Layers in Fireworks aren't as big of a deal (and temperamental) as they are in Photoshop. Most of the time, you really don't worry about them. They are just behind the scenes doing their job.

Objects in different layers can be grouped together into one layer. To do this, use the 'black arrow tool' and begin 'shift-clicking' to select multiple objects and choose: Modify > Group. Objects can be ungrouped later by selecting the grouped object and choosing: Modify > Ungroup. You should use the group/ungroup option rather than Modify > Flatten Selection. It will
save you some headaches later. 'Flatten Selection' cannot be ...

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