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Chinese fireworks Business Ideas

1. Think about all the different ways that you could be in businesses and involved somehow with Chinese fireworks. List 4 of different types of businesses.

2. How hard or easy will it probably be to make profits in each of these 4 types of businesses that you list?

3.What might be the key skills or resources each of these 4 businesses would need to have in order to be successful?

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Chinese fireworks have been around for thousands of years, which of course is not a new concept. In today's fireworks market, there are several businesses that lead up to the final product and there are several that come after. I will present you with 2 examples from each aspect.
Businesses before marketing of the final product:
1. There are the chemical manufacturers of the gunpowder (or the overall chemicals needed for the solid fuel combustion).
2. The creators/designers of the different styles and colors of the fireworks.
Businesses after final product:
1. One could have a company that specializes in fireworks displays for holidays (4th of July for the US) and special events (Soccer's World cup winners, sports event in Europe).
2. Military supplier of ...

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