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    Slide Presentations -- transitions and templates DQ

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    Q1: Some animation schemes include slide transitions and some do not. When would a transition be appropriate? When would it not be appropriate? If a slide transition is applied to a single slide in a presentation, should it be applied to all the slides? Why or why not?

    Q2: Open PowerPoint and choose either 'Templates on Office Online' or 'On my computer' from the New Presentation Task Pane. Select a template to explore. What was its purpose? How would you improve upon the basic design of the template you studied? What would be an advantage of using this template over creating your presentation from scratch? What would be a disadvantage?

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    Q1. Transitions are best used to keep the flow moving between slides and distinguish them from one to the next. They are not appropriate when they detract from the presentation or the message being presented. Keeping transitions appropriate to the audience and to the speaker's taste are equally important. There are also animations that are used as transitions within a slide. This can be very distracting when an audience is trying to read a slide and the text is flying in from the left, then the right, then cascading down from someplace in "presentation Heaven." But back to slide transitions...a ...