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    bitmapped or vector graphics

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    For each of the following provide a detailed rational for choosing bitmapped or vector graphics when they are used in a web based application:

    1. Botanical drawings
    2. Finger prints
    3. A 2D cartoon character (eg Woody Woodpecker)
    4. A landscape
    5. A photograph of yourself

    For each one justify why you would choose the particular approach and what advantages / disadvantages there might be.

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    1. Botanical drawings
    Bitmap fonts are more suitable for botanical drawings as these are also known as vector or scalable fonts. Bitmapped fonts represent each character as a rectangular grid of pixels. It is not very successful in changing the size, shape and resolution, which is not required in botanical drawings.

    2. Finger prints
    Vector Graphics fonts are more suitable for fingerprints as outline ...

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