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    1: What would the Web be like if there were no limit to bandwidth?

    2: What limits wireless bandwidth?

    3: What is the importance of bandwidth?

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    1. What would the Web be like if there were no limit to bandwidth?
    When most hosting companies refer to bandwidth in their shared/reseller hosting packages they actually mean "data transfer", not "data transfer rate". They state for example 5GB of bandwidth, meaning that you'll be allowed to transfer 5GB of data, usually within a period of time of one month. This is the data transfer that you are allowed to use (or consume), the amount of data that is transmitted, not the speed at which it is/can be transmitted.

    If there were unlimited bandwidth, there are 2 things that could happen. First, the web will flourish due to the exponential growth of data transfer. Due to unlimited bandwidth, many new things can now be done more easily and quickly over the internet, such as the transfer of large movie files (e.g. ~10GB) or large music files. Business on the web (e-commerce) will flourish even further). (Note ...

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