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    Data math channels

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    1st problem:

    What is the channel capacity for a channel with a 300 Hz bandwidth and as S/N = 3?

    2nd problem:

    Given a channel with a 50 kHz bandwidth and a S/N = 127, determine:
    â?¢ Maximum signaling rate in baud
    â?¢ Maximum channel capacity in bps

    3rd problem:

    Consider a communications channel with a bandwidth of 4,000 Hz. What is the minimum required S/N to support a capacity of 48,000 bps?

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    please see attachment, you have to use the Shannon Hartley theorem for these questions


    We have to use the Shannon Hartley theorem for these questions, which
    states that the maximum channel capacity (in bps provided you input bandwidth in Hz) of a communications ...

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