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Charge in a copper coin

A copper coin has a mass of 3 g. What is the total charge of all the electrons in it ? Given that the atomic number of Cu is Z = 29 and the atomic mass is 63.5 g/mole.

Products of Radioactive Decays

What are the products of the following radioactive decays? A. Alpha emission by: 162 Re 75 B. Beta emission by: 188 W 74 C. Positron emission by: 165 Ta 73

The Production of Oxygen in Laboratories

The following reaction is used in laboratories to produce oxygen: 2KclO3 (s) ----> 2KCl (s) + 3O2 (g) At 25 degrees Celsius and one atmosphere pressure, how many liters of O2 gas will be produced from the reaction of 165g of KClO3? See attachment for better equation.

Uses of mercury

1. Find out 2 or 3 uses for mercury. 2. For each use find out why mercury was chosen for the job 3. What are the dangers from using mercury.

Converting grams to kilojoules.

Burning 2.00g of propane, C3H8, produces 99.78 kJ of energy. How much energy is produced when one mole of the propane burns?