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    Precipitate from Reactions

    Silver nitrate reacts with iron(III)chloride Fe Cl3 to give AgCl and Iron(III)nitrate Fe(NO3)3. A solution with 18 grams of AgNO3 was mixed with a solution. 32.4 grams of FeCl3. How many grams of which reactant remains after reaction?

    Mole ratio, molarity, concentration, volume

    Mole ratio, molarity, concentration, volume 11.84 How many milliliters of 0.120 M Al2(SO4)3 would react completely with 48.0 ml of 0.150 M BaCl2? Al2(SO4)3 (aq) + BaCl2 (aq)  AlCl3 (aq) + BaSO4 (s)  Unbalanced

    Combustion of hydrocarbons

    Propane, C3H8, in a tank that is usually the size of a basketball is often used for grills. a) Write a balanced equation for the combustion of propane. b) Calculate the number of moles of oxygen required to burn 5000.0 g (11.0 lbs) of propane. c) Calculate the number of kilograms of O2 required to burn propane.

    Amount of Moles in CHF3O3S

    I'm not getting the right answer, can someone give a step by step EXPLANATION on the solution: CHF3O3S has 4.62 x 10 to the23rd O atoms, what is the amount of moles in CHF3O3S?

    Number of Atoms Given its Mass

    I'm thoroughly confusing myself, I know how to calc a formula mass and to determine from moles how to get the mass. But I'm not making the connection to count #atoms/molecule. ex) What are the number of atoms of C-12 are there in 3.5 gram sample

    Moles and Molarity Pproblems

    A 12.0% sucrose solution has a density of 1.05g/cm^3. The number that gives the best value for the mass of sugar in 55mL of this solution is? I need step by step answer for this question please. What is the Molarity(m) of a solution that contains 73.5g of 1,4-dichlorobenzene,C6H4Cl2, in 500mL of carbon tetrachloride? (The

    Molarity of NaCl solution

    How much 0.54M NaCl, "physiologic saline" can be prepared via the dilution of 100mL of 6.0 M NaCl solution?

    Chemistry calculations including calculating molecular formulas

    What is the molecular formula of a compound that contains 42.87% carbon, 3,598% hydrogen, 25.00% nitrogen and 28.55 oxygen and has a molar mass between 165 and 170? How many grams of lithium contain the same number of atoms as 2.50 Kg of zirconium? If the molar mass of a binary compound has a molar mass between 27 and 28 a

    Reaction of baking soda

    1. One process for the commercial production of baking soda, sodium hydrogen carbonate, involves the following reaction: aqueous sodium chloride + gaseous ammonia + solid carbon dioxide + liquid water yields aqueous ammonium chloride + solid sodium hydrogen carbonate. Because they are relatively cheap, sodium chloride and water

    A hypothetical compound has a formula of X2YZ3.

    A hypothetical compound has a formula of X2YZ3. If the atomic masses of X, Y, and Z are 41.2, 57.7 and 63.9 respectively, calculate the % by mass of the compound. If the molecular formula is actually X6Y3Z9, what is the percentage of each element present?

    Reaction of ethyl alcohol and oxygen

    In the following reaction, first find how many grams of oxygen would be used to completely react with 1.30 moles of ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH)? Then calculate the number of carbon dioxide molecules and finally, the grams of water formed during reaction. C2H5OH + O2 -> C02 + H20

    Mass of HBr formed from SO2 and Br2 in water

    Hydrogen bromide can be produced by a reaction among bromine, sulfur dioxide, and water as follows... S02 + Br2 +H2O (arrow) 2HBr + H2SO4 If 250 grams of SO2 and 650 grams of Br2 react in the presence of excess water, what mass of HBr will be formed?

    Stoichiometry and Heating Zinc Sulfide

    Heating zinc sulfide in the presence of oxygen yields the following: ZnS + O2 (arrow) ZnO + SO2 If 1.72 mol of ZnS is heated in the presence of 3.04 mol of O2, which reactant will be used up? Balance the equation first.

    Concentration of Stock Solution

    Please explain how I would figure out this problem: From 0.80 L of a glucose stock solution, 4.0L of a 1.8% w/v solution of glucose was prepared. What was the concentration of the stock solution?

    Reaction of KCl and HNO3

    How many grams of KNO3 can be made from 591.9 g KCl and 830.0 ml of 12.0 M HNO3 by the reaction: KCl (s) + HNO3 (aq) ----> KNO3 (s) + Cl2 (g) + NOCl (g) +H2O (I) Also, how much of the excess reactant (grams if KCl or ml if HNO3) will be unused?

    The fluoride ion is very toxic.

    The fluoride ion is very toxic. Not only does it interfere with glycolysis, but if forms an insoluble precipitate with calcium ions (Ksp = 4.13 x 10-11). Give an explanation as to why CaF2 is insoluble; whereas, other calcium halides are soluble in the order CaI2>CaBr2>CaCl2. How much fluoride (as sodium fluoride) would you h

    Stochiometery 4

    When 19.8g butane, C4H10 is burned with excess oxygen: 2C4H10g + 13O2g -----> 8CO2g +10H2Og How many grams of oxyen are consumed, how many grams of CO2 & H2O are produced?