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Working with amount of gases produced and consumed

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When 19.8g butane, C4H10 is burned with excess oxygen:
2C4H10g + 13O2g -----> 8CO2g +10H2Og

How many grams of oxyen are consumed, how many grams of CO2 & H2O are produced?

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First of all we will check whether the equation is balanced or not.

2C4H10 + 13O2 -----> 8CO2 +10H2O

it is balanced.

So from the above equation it is clear that two moles of C4H10 will need 13 moles of oxygen to burn completely to produce 8moles of CO2 and 10 moles of water.

1 mole is defined as weigt of the substance/molar mass of it.

so we need the molar masses of the compounds ...

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