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Solubility problem for Calcium Flouride

The fluoride ion is very toxic. Not only does it interfere with glycolysis, but if forms an insoluble precipitate with calcium ions (Ksp = 4.13 x 10-11). Give an explanation as to why CaF2 is insoluble; whereas, other calcium halides are soluble in the order CaI2>CaBr2>CaCl2. How much fluoride (as sodium fluoride) would you have to ingest to cause the precipitation of CaF2 in blood. Assume that the blood level of calcium is 2.50 x 10-3 M and that there is a total of 5.00 L of blood in the person.

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Some halides of Ca readily absorb and are soluble in water. The solubility of the halide decreases on descending the group because the hydration enthalpies decrease faster than the lattice enthalpies do. The solubilities of the fluorides of ...

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