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Carbonate chemistry --- Impact of solubility on ability to increase pH?

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How does the solubility of a particular reactant affect its ability to raise pH?

I am particularly interested in the difference between sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is much much less soluble than sodium carbonate.

However, does the solubility of the carbonate matter when adjusting pH from say 4.0 to 5.0?

Please help so that I can understand the relationship between a reactants solubility and its ability to affect pH?

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You are right when you say that calcium carbonate is less soluble than sodium carbonate. I have already given you the solubility values in my earlier answer.

Now the question how does the solubility and pH are related. For calcium carbonate a molar solubility of 170 gives a pH of 2 while a molar solubility of 7.8x10-5 gives a pH of 12 as shown in the following table:

pH Molar solubility
-------- -------------------

2 170
4 ...

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The solution discusses the impact of solubility on the ability to increase pH.