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Ionic Equilibria

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1. When blood is donated, sodium oxalate solution is used to precipitate Ca2+, which triggers clotting. A 104-mL sample of blood contains 9.7à?10-5 Ca2+/mL. A technologist treats the sample w/100.00 mL of .1550 M Na2C2O4. Calculate [Ca2+] after the treatment (Ksp of CaC2O4.H20 = 2.3à?10-9).

2. Cadmium ion in solution is analyzed by precipitation as the sulfide, a yellow compound used as a pigment in everything from artists' oil paints to glass and rubber. Calculate the molar solubility of cadmium sulfide at 25◦C.

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This solution provides step by step calculations for finding concentration and molar solubility.

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1) Ca2+ + Na2C2O4 ↔ CaC2O4 + 2Na+
9.7×10-5M 0.1550M
104 ml 100 ml
Stoichiometrically, one mole calcium oxalate is formed from one mole sodium oxalate.
No of mole sodium oxalate = ...

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