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Stoichiometry and Heating Zinc Sulfide

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Heating zinc sulfide in the presence of oxygen yields the following:
ZnS + O2 (arrow) ZnO + SO2

If 1.72 mol of ZnS is heated in the presence of 3.04 mol of O2, which reactant will be used up? Balance the equation first.

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ZnS + O2 -----> ZnO + SO2

First we need to balance it.
Check Zn. They're balanced already.
Check S. They're balanced already.
Check O. There are 2 O on the left and 3 O on the right.
Therefore, we need to add 1 more O on the left. That would be 1/2 of O2 more. Since there is an understood "1" in front of each of the chemicals, we write 3/2 in ...

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