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    Hydrocarbon acetylene, C2H2 is used in welders' torches

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    1. The gaseous hydrocarbon acetylene, C2H2 is used in welders' torches because of the large amount of heat released when acetylene burns with oxygen, producing carbon dioxide and water. First, write a balanced equation fro the combustion of acetylene is oxygen. Then, how many grams of oxygen are needed for the complete combustion of 150 grams of acetylene? Finally, how many carbon dioxide molecules are formed in this reaction?

    2. Many metals occur naturally as sulfide compounds, including CuS and CoS. Air pollution often accompanies the processing of these ores, because toxic sulfur dioxide is released as the ore is converted from the sulfide to the oxide by smelting. Consider the reaction of zinc sulfide with oxygen to form zing oxide and sulfur dioxide. First, write a balanced equation for this reaction. Then how many kilograms of sulfur dioxide are produced when 100 kilograms of zinc sulfide is smelted in excess oxygen by this process. Finally, how many moles of zinc oxide are formed?

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    1. Write a balanced equation:
    C2H2 + (5/2)O2 = 2CO2 + H2O
    Molecular weight of C2H2 = 24 + 2 =26 (g/mol)
    Number of mole of C2H2 = 150/26 = 5.77 (mol)
    So the number of moles of O2 required ...

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