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    Mass assembly questions

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    Fill in the blanks and please explain the steps to reach the solution.

    Experimental quantities: KCLO3
    Mass of salt 4.5 - 5.0 g
    1st quantity of water 10 g
    2nd 2g
    3rd 8g

    Mass of assembly: 29.60 g
    Mass of assembly + salt+ water after 4th addition: 39.05 g
    Mass of assembly + salt 33.80
    Problem: Mass of water present ______g 50.0 C
    Concentration of salt at 50.0 C ______g salt/ 100 g water
    Mass of assembly + salt + water after 5th addition 40.97 g
    Mass of assembly + salt 33.80 g
    Mass of water present ______g 12.5 C
    Concentration of salt at 12.5 C ______g salt / 100 g water.

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    From your data, I can imagine you are trying the find the solubility of salt in water at different temperatures.

    So, for the first set of experiments at 50.0oC, the mass of the assembly is 29.60 g and the mass of the assembly with salt is 33.80 g.

    The mass of salt is = 33.80 g - 29.60 g
    = 4.20 g

    After the 4th addition, the total mass of ...

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