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    Rotational inertia and kinetic energy of spinning blades

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    A helicopter has 3 blades, each of them are 5.20m long and has a mass of 220kg.(each blade has a mass of 220kg, not the sum of the 3) The rotor is rotating at 385 rev/min.

    a)What is the rotational inertia of the rotor assembly about the axis of rotation? (Each blade can be considered to be a thin rod rotated about one
    end.) ____kg*m^2

    b)What is the total kinetic energy of rotation?___MJ

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    The rotational interia of an object, such as a helicopter blade, is a measure of that object's resistance to angular accelerations -- it serves the same function as mass in the rotational analogue of Newton's law (F = ma for linear motion, F = TI for rotational motion).
    <br>Rotational ...

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    This solution contains a brief step-by-step guide to calculate the rotational inertia and kinetic energy. The formula for the rotational inertia of a rigid rod is stated but not derived.