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Moment of Inertia of a Rotating Body

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Explain the concept of Moment of Inertia of a rotating body with examples.

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This solution provides an easy to understand explanation of the concept of moment of inertia of a rotating body. The moment of inertia is to the rotational motion as mass is to linear motion. Starting with this premise, the concept of Moment of Inertia has been developed.

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Understanding Rotational Motion
(Moment of Inertia)

Moment of Inertia to rotational motion is as mass is to translational motion. Hence, before we consider the concept of Moment of Inertia with reference to rotational motion, let's review and redefine the concept of mass with reference to translational motion.

Mass is generally defined in two ways viz. it is the measure of the amount of matter possessed by an object and alternatively it is the property of matter due to which an object offers resistance to any change in the state of its motion. Apart from these definitions we can define mass in alternative ways. For example, we know that the kinetic energy E possessed by an object moving with a velocity v is given by ½ mv^2 where m is the mass ...

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