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    Management Accounting

    Accounting Irregularities at Xerox cases

    Review SOX mandates, and determine what protections are currently in place to protect whistle-blowers. Take a position on whether more employees would be willing to blow the whistle on corporate misbehavior due to the provisions for whistle-blowers within SOX. Recommend at least two additional mandates and sanctions that would e

    Cost Control

    As a production manager, one of your key tasks is to improve efficiencies by either increasing productivity or reducing cost. Determine whether the responsibility reports needed to track performance should be created by department, function, or manager, using a costing method of your choice. Based on the costing method you selec

    Which Cost Driver Should American Micro Devices Use?

    See the attached file. Y=$9,000/week + ($6 x direct labor hours); R^2=.10 Y=$20,000/week + ($14 x number of boards completed); R^2=.40 Y=$5,000/week + ($350 x average cycle time); R^2=.80 1. Which of the support cost functions would you expect to be the most reliable for explaining and predicting support costs? Why?

    Managerial Accounting Decision - Cost Analysis

    You have been approached by a potential customer who could bring considerable business. She says, "I'd like to find an alternative vendor for my future orders of 5,000/yr, but their pricing to me must be competitive." Your CFO has supplied you with the following information. Current product standard costs are as follows: $

    Managerial Communications Presentation

    Scenario You have been asked by the top leadership in your organization to develop a PowerPoint presentation on how the business is doing relative to the previous year. This will include a comparison of the following for this fiscal year and the previous fiscal year: - Employee turnover numbers - Sales - Profits - Expense

    Managerial Economics: Cost Function

    1. An economist estimated that the cost function of a single product is C(Q)= 50 +25Q+30Q SQUARED+5Q CUBED Based on this information determine: a. The fixed cost of producing 10 units of output. b. The variable cost of producing 10 units of output. c. The total cost of producing 10 units of output. d. The average fixed cos

    Some cost management systems

    Farragut, Inc., uses activity-based costing to account for its chrome bumper manufacturing process. Company managers have identified four manufacturing activities: materials handling, machine setup, insertion of parts, and finishing. The budgeted activity costs for 2010 and their allocation bases are as follows: Activity Tot

    Vera Corporation: Standard Cost Variances

    Last year, Vera Corporation budgeted for production and sales of 20,000 cloth handbags. Vera produced and sold 19,250 handbags. Each handbag has a standard requiring 4 feet of material at a budgeted cost of $2.50 per foot and 45 minutes of sewing time at a cost of $0.28 per minute. The handbags sell for $45.00. Actual costs for

    Cost Capital

    Please find the questions below the hints Hints for completing the harder questions: Problem 31 is a challenging problem that will call on all of your analytical skills. Remember that this perpetual bond is treated as debt for tax purposes. That means that the cost, kp, will be net of the tax considerations (1 - t), jus

    Cost System Choices, Budgeting, and Variance Analyses for Sacred Heart Hospital

    Cost System Choices, Budgeting, and Variance Analyses for Sacred Heart Hospital Two Cost Systems Sacred Heart Hospital (SHH) faces skyrocketing nursing costs, all of which relate to its two biggest nursing service lines - the Emergency Room (ER) and the Operating Room (OR). SHH's current cost system assigns total nursing c

    Cost Reconciliation Schedule: Maple Inc.

    Maple, Inc. manufactures syrup that goes through three processing stages prior to completion. Information on work in the first department, Blending, is given below for August: Production data: Pounds in process, August 1; materials 100% complete; conversion 70% complete 3,000 Pounds started into production during Augus

    Inspection Cost

    A company is considering additional final inspection costs of $1 per unit before delivery to customers. It currently delivers 60,000 units per year. The additional inspection should reduce the defective rate from 3 percent to 1 percent. If a defective unit is found, it is scrapped at no additional cost. The manufacturing cos

    Unavoidable Fixed Cost

    An insurance company has the following profitability analysis of its services. There are no services or divisions other than what is stated below: ...................................Life Insurance............Auto Insurance............Home Insurance Revenues.....................$5,000,000................$10,000,000.............

    Process Cost Systems

    Please help me with the True/False study guide for test review. 1. The cost of production report reports the cost of the goods sold. a. True b. False 2. In a process costing system, a separate work in process inventory account is maintained for each customer's job. a. True b. False 3. Process cost systems use

    Managerial Accounting: Completing a Master Budget

    The following data relate to the operations of Picanuy Corporation, a wholesale distributor of consumer goods: Current assets as of December 31: Cash $ 6,000 Accounts receivable $36,000 Inventory $9,800 Buildings and equipment, net $110,885 Accounts payable $32,550 Capital stock $100,000 Retained earnings $30,1

    Accounting (Management Control Systems)

    Jack's Outdoor World is a company that manufactures and sells garden furniture. They have been operating for the past ten years and have a comfortable share of the market. The company has four divisions, namely the garden shed division, the outdoor table division, the outdoor chair division and the garden swing division. Jack

    Estimating Cost Based on Behavior Patterns

    The following information provides the amount of cost incurred in May for the cost items indicated. During May 16,000 units of the firm's single product were manufactured. Raw materials $83,200 Factory depreciation expense 81,000 Direct labor 198,400 Production supervisor'

    Managerial Finance for Warf Computers'

    Need some assistance with these calculations and three questions. I would like to know if this account is positive and if it is going in a positive or negative direction. 1. How would you describe Warf Computers' cash flows? 2. Which cash flow statement more accurately describes the cash flows at the company? 3. In lig

    Managerial Accounting-Budgeting

    Differential Analysis-knowing which costs are relevant etc. Lewis company: production and sales information for Lewis Company. Product information Prod B Beginning inventory 0 Units produced 10,000 Units sold 9,000 Selling price per unit $300 Variable costs per unit Direct ma

    BEC Questions: Bartlett Company, Kern Co., and Ordering Cost

    1. Bartlett Company is considering a new product, Pear. Bartlett's fixed costs are $200,000. Pear's contribution margin is $200 per unit. Bartlett has a marginal tax rate of 25%. How many units of Pear would Bartlett have to sell to have after-tax net income of $1,000,000? a. 2,250 units b. 4,750 units c. 5,000 units d. 7,

    Opportunity Cost of Attracting Industry

    The Itagi Computer Company From Japan is looking to build a factory for making CD-ROM's in the United States. The company is concerned about the safety and well-being of its employees and wants to locate in a community with good schools. The company also wants the factory to be profitable and is looking for subsidies from poten

    Organisational Behavior: Managerial Styles

    Hi, Please give me an outline/ guide to attempt this question. What are the appropriate motivation theories, what are the differences/ similarity of David & John managerial styles. Whose style is more appropriate? Who would you rather work for and why?, Please see attachment for case study.

    Unit Production Cost

    Oasimi Company, which has only one product, has provided the following data concerning its most recent month of operations: Selling price............................................................................ $121 Units in beginning inventory.......................................................0 Units produced.......

    Managerial Compensation: Ownership and Control

    Critically discuss how managerial compensation can help align the interests of shareholders and manager, and hence be effective in mitigating the costly consequences of the separation of ownership and control.

    Standard Cost vs. Actual Cost

    The difference between standard and actual cost per unit of input is measured by: a) the raw material price variance b) the direct labor rate variance c) the variable overhead spending variance d) all of the above.

    Controllable vs. Noncontrollable Cost

    The key difference between a controllable cost and a noncontrollable cost is: a) the larger amount of the cost b) the frequency of cost incurrence c) the short term ability to influence the cost by the manager d) whether the cost is fixed or variable.

    Managerial Economics: Relevant Costs

    Two partners own a small landscaping business in North Carolina called Summer Lawn Care. They have been specializing in summer grass seeding, installation, and maintenance. Recently, the partners acquired special technology and know-how for winter grass installations and maintenance. They also added a tree cutting service as rec

    Standard Cost for a Product

    Once standard costs for products or services have been developed: a) they must be updated monthly to be useful b) they can be used for more than planning and control purpose c) they need not be revised unless the product or service is modified d) performance reports must be issued if the standards are to be useful