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Management Accounting

Nonprofit fund accounting: Restricted funds

Restricted funds for Nonprofit fund accounting: Can a nonprofit (not-for-profit) organization release restrictions on a "strike fund" and use it in the general fund for current year activity? Why or why not? If you knew that the strike fund was held for steel workers' union to pay benefits during a potential strike versus a

Job costing for all aspects

Analyzing costs in an engineering company. On June 1, Chu Engineering, which inspects cleanup of toxic spills and waste, had two jobs in process with the following costs incurred to date: Direct Materials

Managerial Accounting for Boca Raton

Boca Raton company had the following financial results last year: Sales 20,000 units $ 144,000 Variable costs 56,000 Overhead (50% variable) 21,000 Other fixed costs 12,000 Operating income $ 55,000 A foreign company, whose sales will not affect Boca's regular sales, offers to buy 1,00

Dropping a product

Show your work. 3 Magnolia Park Company has three products, Regular, Deluxe & Economy. The following information is available: Regular Deluxe Economy Sales $52,500 $76,500 $21,600 Variable costs 31,500 40,800 13,125 Contribution margin

Avoidable costs if purchased

Pratt Witney Company manufactures a part used in several of its engine models. Annual production costs for 1,500 units are as follows: Direct materials $ 125,000 Direct labor 48,000 Variable support costs 75,000 Fixed support costs 65,000 Total costs $313,000 Pratt Witney Company has the option of purchasing the pa

managerial accounting

Andrew and fulton inc. uses 780 cases of a chemical bonding agent each year. Monthly demand fluctuates between 50 and 80 tons. The lead time for each order is one month, and the economic order quantity is 130 tons. Determine the safety stock appropriate for the chemical bonding agent?

Rosely HSA decision: relevant costs sunk opportunity incremental

A BusinessWeek article titled, "HSAs Could Keep You in the Pink," by Christopher Farrell describes the use of health savings accounts (HSA). HSAs were authorized by Congress. The HSA plan has two parts. First, individuals buy a health insurance policy with a high-deductible. Second, participants open an HSA, a tax-sheltered

Budgeting Characteristics

Critically evaluate budgeting as a tool for planning and control, making reference to readings you have undertaken. Refer to specific authors or examples where appropriate to support your discussion. Suggested journal articles : Howell, R. (2004) Turn your budgeting process upside down, Harvard Business Review, July, pp. 21-

Cost Accounting

Sunk cost, is a cost we have written off and it should not be relevant to the future decision. Your company has spent millions of dollars on a steel plant, but it's cheaper to import. What can we do? Have you seen outsourcing work or not work?

Cost Accounting

I am going to focus on the customers of my business and leave cost allocation issues to my accountants." Do you agree with this comment by a division president? Why?

Accounting for cost overruns and recoveries

Managers must make decisions with respect to the financial reporting necessary to apply accounting standards. Consider the article "Halliburton: Accounting for Cost Overruns and Recoveries" (Tayan & McNichols, 2007). Next, using outside sources that you may seek and your professional experience, develop and write a 3 page paper


Flex-Budgets & Fixed Budgets: Is it better to pad the budget so when the cuts come, you are not hurt that bad, or should you be tight to the bone and fight for your rights. What do you do when you have to cut the Budget?

Accounting Fraud

Explain the fraud committed by Take-Two Interactive Software related to the blockbuster video game series Grand Theft Auto.

Managerial Accounting

What are some similarities and differences between financial and managerial accounting? Please provide examples.

Accounting / Finance

During the last few years, Harry Davis Industries has been too constrained by the high cost of capital to make many capital investments. Recently, though, capital costs have been declining, and the company has decided to look seriously at a major expansion program proposed by the marketing department. Assume that you are an assi

Managerial Accounting: High-Low Method

Randall Sports has collected the following information over the last six months. Month Units produced Total costs March 10,000 $25,600 April 12,000 26,200 May 18,000 27,600 June 13,000 26,450 July 12,000 26,000 August 15,000 26,500 Using the high-low method, what is the variable cost per unit?

Interidiate accounting research case

You are the Controller for Specialty Cars, Incorporated. Specialty is an automotive company that specializes in the manufacture of high-end, unique vehicles designed by its customers. Due to the unique nature of Specialty's business, the company has decided to develop a software program internally to assist in streamlining the m

Income Statement and Balance Sheet of Purchases

Prepare an income statement for Packer, Inc. for 2013, and a balance sheet as of December 31, 2013. Case study is given below: Packer, Inc. was formed on January 2, 2013. Joe Lombardi contributed $40,000 cash in exchange for all 1,000 shares of stock. The same day, Packer signed a lease on office space at a rent of $1,200/mo

Understanding Practical Business and Organizational Research

Choosing an article that either deals with Measuring Performance or Incremental Analysis write an introduction to the article. Include the following sections and include no opinions, judgments, or beliefs about the study. Only present the facts. Topic - State the broad organizational or field of study topic and establish the ov

Materials Cost Accounting: Malbim Company

Process Costing - Weighted Average Method The Malbim Company uses a process costing system and adds materials at the beginning. July 1st has 400 units in the beginning inventory (100% materials). The units in beginning inventory (July 1) are only 75% complete on conversion costs (labor and OH). During July, 10,000 units were

Cost Considerations and Operating Effectiveness

1. Auditors must decide, based on cost considerations, whether to test the design effectiveness or operating effectiveness of controls. 2. Inquiry alone provides sufficient evidence to support the operating effectiveness of a control.

Netflix and Blockbuster Cost Function Estimation Methods

Develop cost function estimates for Netflix and Blockbuster using : Account classification High-low Regression analysis methods In your opinion, which method best estimates cost functions for both Netflix and Blockbuster? Explain. Which of Netflix's or Blockbuster's costs might you appropriately estimate using the acco

Cost allocation, types of budgets, decision making

1. Why is cost allocation imprecise?? Pick one of the different methods we can use, describe it and the pluses and minuses of that method? 2. The master budget contains three types of budgets. What do you think is the cornerstone (or most critical element) of the master budget? Discuss why? 3. Fundamental to the decis

Current Management Accounting Issue (2013)

Collect and analyze two newspaper or magazine articles relation to management accounting issues. The analysis should include: 1. What specific managerial accounting concepts were discussed or addressed 2. Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts 3. Demonstrate why this article is a good example of the concept You

Cost Accounting: Management Performance

As a financial analyst, you have just been handed the 2012 financial report of Firm A, a large, global pharmaceutical company. Firm A competes in both traditional pharmaceutical products and in evolving biotechnology products. The following data (in billions) on Firm A and the pharmaceutical industry are available. Firm A