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Understanding Practical Business and Organizational Research

Choosing an article that either deals with Measuring Performance or Incremental Analysis write an introduction to the article. Include the following sections and include no opinions, judgments, or beliefs about the study. Only present the facts.
Topic - State the broad organizational or field of study topic and establish the overall context for the study.
Problem or Opportunity - Describe the problem or opportunity that the researcher was trying to address.
Purpose of the Study - Discuss the intent of the study and list any research questions or hypotheses that were used.
Research Approach and Design - Describe the overall research approach and information that you find related to the research design. Research design might include such things as the setting (field, laboratory, etc), the type of data that was collected, the sample and sample selection, the way data was prepared, analyzed, or presented, for example.
Audience - Identify the individual or groups that might be interested in the findings of the study.
Summary - Present the main points that you have covered in your paper; introduce no new information or concepts.

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The topic is how performance measures, key performance indicators, likely point manager attention to certain aspects of the business and therefore impact performance. The presumption is that if the performance indictors change, the manager would be more alert to different opportunities and therefore improve performance.

Problem or Opportunity

The airline industry has been consistently unprofitable. Could their performance measures be part of the problem? This article explores whether concentrating on controlling costs rather than maximizing profit per passenger may limit opportunities and financial outcomes.

Purpose of the Study

The study hopes to understand which key performance indicators best explain performance in the airline industry, those based on miles flown or those based on passengers. That is, which explain the largest portion of return on assets and operating profit, those that are cost-based (miles flown) or revenue-based (number of passengers). By doing so, they can assist managers who select key performance indicators to select ...

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Your tutorial draft is 588 words plus a reference and discussion an archival study of key performance measures in the airline industry that were highly predictive of return on asset percent and operating income.