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Management Accounting

Managerial Economics: Industry Analysis for the computer industry

You will complete an industry analysis of a U.S. industry of your choosing. Each student must choose a different industry. The following is a suggested outline. 1 Introduction including identification of chosen industry 2 Industry characteristics 3 Types of products and/or services 4 Number of firms including concentrati

Managerial Accounting: Flexible Budget

See Attached Spreadsheet. A condensed income statement for XYZ Company is as follows for the month of November: Master Budget Actual Variance Units Produced and Sold 20,000 19,000 (1,000) Sales revenue $400,000 $361,000 $(39,000) Costs: Direct materials 60,000 42,000 $18,000

Working with more than cost driver

The Toque cooking academy runs short cooking courses at its small campus. Management has identified two costs drivers that it uses in its budgeting and performance reports-the number of courses and the total number of students.For example, the school might run four courses in a month and have a total of 60 students enrolled in t

Management for Tablet Development Simulations

ASSIGNMENT Run the Tablet Development simulation with your strategy, making decisions year by year for prices and R&D allocations. To reach the simulations (click here). Write a report that shows your decisions and the results. Discuss why you

Managerial Accounting for Cash Disbursed Suppliers

ABC Company pays for purchases 40% in the month of purchase, and the balance in the following month. Recent purchases have been: August, $2,500; September, $5,000; October, $4,000; November, $5,000. What is the amount of cash disbursed to suppliers in October? A company produces a single product, with a selling price of $10 a

Managerial Accounting Q4

Midlands Design Ltd. of Manchester, England, is a company specializing in providing design services to residential developers. Last year the company had net operating income of Ã?£430,000 on sales of Ã?£1,800,000. The company's average operating assets for the year were Ã?£2,000,000 and its minimum required rate of return


1. (Cash conversion cycle) Auburn Hair Products has an inventory turnover of six times per year, a receivables turnover of 10 times, and a payables turnover of 12 times. What are Auburn Hair's inventory conversion period, receivables collection period, and payables deferral period? What is the cash conversion cycle? 2. (Ca

Joint Cost and Utilization of Scarce Resources

a. The Dallas plant of Oscar Chemical processes talphazine into zetazine and gammazine. A batch consists of 20,000 gallons of talphazine, costing $11,000. Processing costs are $52,000 and results in 14,000 gallons of zetazine and 6,000 gallons bammazine. Raw material and processing costs are allocated to the tow products base

Fixed versus Fixed Cost Behavior: Lovvern Trophies

Lovvern Trophies makes and sells trophies to little league ball players. The company normally produces and sells between 8,000 and 14,000 trophies per year. The following cost data apply to various activity levels. Number of Trophies 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 Total Costs incurred Fixed $42,000 Variable

Standard cost versus Actual cost

Phoenix Manufacturers makes blank computer disks. It takes one-eighth of a pound of direct materials and one minute of direct labor at standard per disk. Direct materials cost $2.60 per pound at standard, and the standard direct labor rate is $6.00 per hour. During April, 35,200 disks were made, and the company experienced

Retail Management Scenario: Proposal to expand sporting goods department

You are a retail store manager (big box retailer) that needs to present the district team with a proposal. A family owned sporting goods store is closing. You (the store manager) need to come up with a proposal and give the presentation to the district team on expanding the sporting goods dept. You need whether

Opportunity Cost and Annual Income

Rnee Behr, MD is a psychiatrist who is in heavy demand. Even though she has raised her fees considerably during the past 5 years, Dr. Behr cannot accommodate all the patients who wish to see her. Behr has conductd 6 hours of appointments per day, 6 days per week, for 48 weeks per year. Her fee averages $150 per hour. Her v

Company's Energy Cost Behavior

Jonathan Macintosh is a highly successful Pennsylvania orchardman who has formed his own company to produce and package applesauce. Apples can be stored for several months in cold storage, so applesauce production is relatively uniform throughout the year. The recently hired controller for the firm is about to apply the high-low

WMEJ University Television Station: Cost per Broadcast Hour

WMEJ is an independent television station run by a major state university. The station's broadcast hours vary during the year depending on whether the university is in session. The station's production-crew and supervisory costs are as follows for July and September. Cost Item Cost Behavior Cost Amount Broadcast Hours

Equivalent Units of Activity, Cost per Equivalent Unit, Returns

Scrooge and Zilch, a public accounting firm in London, is engaged in the preparation of income tax returns for individuals. The firm uses the weighted-average method of process costing for internal reporting. The following information pertains to February. (£ denotes the British monetary unit, pounds sterling.)* Returns in

Redwood Company: Schedule Total Selling Costs of Knitting Boxes

Redwood Company sells craft kits and supplies to retail outlets and through its catalog. Some of the items are manufactured by Redwood, while others are purchased for resale. For the products it manufactures, the company currently bases its selling prices on a product-costing system that accounts for direct material, direct labo

Managerial Accounting for Decision-Makers at any Level

1)How are managerial accounting concepts useful for a decision-maker at any level in an organization? Make sure to include different levels of decision-makers in your reply. 2)In what ways can management accountants enhance the performance evaluation procedures in organizations? Should performance evaluation be based on numer

Management/risk at each level of the corporation is brought

The course is Corporate Risk Management. Justine and Early Engineering, Inc. wants to assure that they fully integrate the risk register at the corporate, SBU and project levels. The risk management process looks like: Management: Strategic Level: Corporation Risk: Finance Tactical Le

Lights, Camera, and More

1. Lights, Camera, and More sells filmmaking equipment. The company offers three purchase options: (1) pay full cash today, (2) pay on-half down and the remaining one-half plus 10% in one year, or (3) pay nothing down and the full amount plus 15% in one year: George is considering buying equipment from lights, Camera, and Mor

Managerial Economics Problems

Please help with the following problems. Suppose that the economist of Corporation XYZ estimates the following long run cost function for a product M that the company produces and sells. TC = 5Q2 + 10Q +180 The market price for product M is fixed at P = $70 a. What is the total fixed cost? b. What is the total vari

Portland Company produces parts for medical devices. Standard cost variances.

Portland Company produces parts for medical devices. These parts are made of pre-cast titanium metal and are used primarily in the construction of ventricular assist devices (VADs). The VAD is implemented alongside a patientâ??s native heart and designed to take over the pumping ability of the heartâ??s left ventricle, and a

Managerial Accounting - Capital Investment Decisions

Some nonfinancial factors included in capital investment decisions are more important now than they were 20-25 years ago. Give some examples of the types of nonfinancial factors that managers would consider more important in today's capital investment decisions than they were in the past.

Calculating income elasticity of demand advertising elasticity

Suppose you have the following hypothetical demand or sales function. Qx= -4Px+2Py+0.20I+0.04A and PX = $200, (price of good X) PY =$230, (price of good Y) I = $1,500 (disposable per capita income) A =$12,000 (advertizing expenditures) 1. Calculate the income elasticity of demand for product X when I= $1,500. How c

Managerial Accounting

Assume that a commercial airplane manufacturing company's annual fixed costs for the widebody passenger jet are $1,425 million, and its variable cost per airplane is $90 million. The price for a 240-passenger plane with a range up to 4,010 miles is about $105 million per plane. Compute the company's break-even point in numb

Managerial Accounting: Importance of Price and Volume

1. Why is it important to investigate both price (rate) and volume (efficiency) variances when rewarding employees for satisfactory work when performance evaluations are based on meeting budgets? 2. What are some qualitative considerations that might be helpful in employee performance evaluations?

Managerial accounting

Allocation of support center costs is an important topic for product costing. In recent years, the issue of accurate product costing has assumed considerable importance. Managers need to be fully aware of how products are costed and the limitations associated with those assignments. Why did traditional costing systems base a

HR Management Benefits

Discuss the various types of health benefits usually offered by employers to their employees. Explain the difference among traditional health plans versus managed health care plans. What are the costs and benefits associated with each plan for both the employers and the employees? What can HR do to best manage the costs while pr