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Equivalent Units and Cost per Equivalent Units

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Production and cost data for the month of February for process A of the Packer manufacturing Company follow:
Units in process, February 1
(100% complete with respect with materials;
25% complete with respect to conversion cost) 2,000
New units started in process 8,000
Units completed 7,000
Units in process, February 28
(100% complete with respect to materials; 1/3
complete with respect to conversion cost 3,000
Work in process inventory, February 1:
Materials 600
Conversion 100
Cost incurred in February
Materials used 2,560
Conversion 1,500
The company uses the weighted average cost method in its process costing system.
Calculate the equivalent units and cost per equivalent unit for February for materials and for conversion costs. Determine the cost transferred to finished goods and determine the amount of cost that should be assigned to the ending work in process.

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