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Management Accounting

Walmart as an Investment Option

If you were an investor with a bunch of money, would you invest in Wal-Mart? How do you think it will be doing in the future? Why?

Picking stocks: Research vs Hunches

Investors go to great lengths so that they can predict the future of a stock and also analyze the present performance. Sometimes they end up making just what someone else would make that came in and said "I have a feeling about this company". If we could truly predict stock price, that would change the whole nature of the mark

Determining project value: cost of capital right for all firms?

When a firm uses cost of capital to evaluate all projects, it would overestimate the value of high risk projects. The cost of capital is usually an estimate of return for average-risk projects. When evaluating high risk projects, firm should discount the project cash flows with a higher cost of capital. An example is Microsoft a

Beta Calcularion

1. Find a low-risk stock - Walmart or Kellogg would be a good candidate but any are welcome. Use monthly returns for the most recent three years to confirm that the beta is less than 1.0. Now estimate the annual standard deviation for the stock and the S&P index, and the correlation between the returns on the stock and the i

NPV, Payback Period, Time Value of Money

I need help with a self-review study questions. This is the text we are using. Thomas P. Edmonds, Bor-Yi Tsay, and Phillip R. Olds., Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts, 6th ed., McGraw-Hill Erwin (2011). The CFO of Advo Corporation is considering two investment opportunities. The self-study review problems on

MZS Inc. equivalent units, transferred in units

The mixing department is the third department in MZS Inc. factory. During January, there were 4,000 units of beginning inventory in the mixing department, and 60,000 units were transferred in from the prior process. There were 8,000 units in ending inventory. The transferred in cost in the beginning inventory was $170,000, and $

Pringly Division Breakeven analysis

I am having problems understanding how to complete break even analysis with the attached problem. I can't understand how to build or answer the questions of the assignment. Can you help?

Apple and Microsoft: Financial performance comparison

Review financial statements for two years for Apple and Microsoft. Make a comparison of the following items and note trends. - Revenues - Cost of good sold - Accounts receivable - Accounts payable - Inventory Discuss and interpret the changes over the two-year period. Which company is the best performer and why? How is t

Journal entries: Debt service fund

Record the following simple transactions in the Debt Service Fund of Ledford County. 1. The county issued $50,000,000 of refunding bonds at par to provide most of the financing to refund $60,000,000 of outstanding bonds. 2. The county transferred $5,000,000 from the General Fund to the fund from which the outstanding bonds ar

Balanced scorecard, IT allocation, allocation base

1. Balanced Scorecard Balanced scorecard is one of those management fads that will disappear several years in the future. In addition, managerial accounting should be about the numbers and not subjective criteria. Please support or refute the above statements. 2. Allocation of Costs, or Not Information technology costs are

Cost Allocation in Excel

All solutions must be in Excel Format; please show how solutions were derived. Please see attached.

Controls, segregation of duties, finding inventory overstatement

1. How does the accounting write-off of design and development costs as current expenses affect managers' incentives to incur these costs? 2. Explain the importance of separation of duties to a system of internal controls. 3. Explain inventory overstatement. A merchandising company has asked you to advise it on how to de

Cost of Goods Manufactured, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet

Rossi /Company has the following projected account balances for June 30, 20x9. Accounts payable: $60,000 Accounts receivable:$120,000 Depreciation, factory: $24,000 Inventories (5/31 & 5/30): $180,000 Direct materials used: $210,000 Office Salaries: $92,000 Insurance, factory: $4,000 Plant Wages: $140,000 Bonds Payab

Balance Sheet - Fill in the Missing numbers

The bookkeeper for Lowell's Country Music Bar left this incomplete balance sheet. Lowell's working capital is 90,000 and its debt to assets ratio is 40 percent. Complete the balance sheet by supplying the missing amounts. (see attached)

Accounting: Step-down Cost Allocation

A company has two producing department, mechanical (M) division and electronic (E) division, in addition to three service departments, facility management (FM) division, receiving and handling (RH) division, and human resource (HR) division. The company's main production activity is assembling, from a variety of components purch

Deterring fraud: fraud triangle and segregation of duties

The CEO and the CFO of Automation Company were both aware that the company's controller was reporting fraudulent revenues. Upper level executives are paid very large bonuses when the company meets the earnings goals established in company's budgets. While the CEO has pushed CFO and the controller to "make the numbers," he had no

Accounting Questions Assistance

1. Why does multiple product cost-volume-profit analysis often assume a constant product mix? 2. A manager in your organization just received a special order at a price that is "below cost." The manager points to the document and says, "These are the kinds of orders that will get you in trouble. Every sale must bear its share o

Discuss article: Stores Count Seconds to Trim Labor Costs

A consulting company was hired to improve efficiency. Was this good business? Briefly explain. Use the article "Stores Count Seconds to Trim Labor Costs" by Vanessa O'Connell found at:

Regression Analysis and Control Chart Analysis

1. Quality Control Eastsound operates round-trip flights between two cities using a fleet of three planes: the Viper, the Tiger, and the Eagle. The budgeted quantity of fuel for each round trip is the average fuel usage, which over the past 12 months has been 150 gallons. Eastsound has set the upper control limit at 180 gal

Accounting controls for managed rental properties

Mel O'Conner owns rental properties in Michigan. Each property has a manager who collects rent, arranges for repairs, and runs advertisements in local newspapers. The property managers transfer cash to O'Conner monthly and prepare their own bank reconciliations. The manager in Lansing has been stealing from the company. To c

Rental Property Internal Controls: Mel O'Conner

Mel O'Conner owns rental properties in Michigan. Each property has a manager who collects rent, arranges for repairs, and runs advertisements in local newspapers. The property managers transfer cash to O'Conner monthly and prepare their own bank reconciliations. The manager in Lansing has been stealing from the company. To cover

Nonprofit fund accounting: Restricted funds

Restricted funds for Nonprofit fund accounting: Can a nonprofit (not-for-profit) organization release restrictions on a "strike fund" and use it in the general fund for current year activity? Why or why not? If you knew that the strike fund was held for steel workers' union to pay benefits during a potential strike versus a

Job costing for all aspects

Analyzing costs in an engineering company. On June 1, Chu Engineering, which inspects cleanup of toxic spills and waste, had two jobs in process with the following costs incurred to date: Direct Materials

Managerial Accounting for Boca Raton

Boca Raton company had the following financial results last year: Sales 20,000 units $ 144,000 Variable costs 56,000 Overhead (50% variable) 21,000 Other fixed costs 12,000 Operating income $ 55,000 A foreign company, whose sales will not affect Boca's regular sales, offers to buy 1,00

Dropping a product

Show your work. 3 Magnolia Park Company has three products, Regular, Deluxe & Economy. The following information is available: Regular Deluxe Economy Sales $52,500 $76,500 $21,600 Variable costs 31,500 40,800 13,125 Contribution margin

Avoidable costs if purchased

Pratt Witney Company manufactures a part used in several of its engine models. Annual production costs for 1,500 units are as follows: Direct materials $ 125,000 Direct labor 48,000 Variable support costs 75,000 Fixed support costs 65,000 Total costs $313,000 Pratt Witney Company has the option of purchasing the pa

managerial accounting

Andrew and fulton inc. uses 780 cases of a chemical bonding agent each year. Monthly demand fluctuates between 50 and 80 tons. The lead time for each order is one month, and the economic order quantity is 130 tons. Determine the safety stock appropriate for the chemical bonding agent?

Rosely HSA decision: relevant costs sunk opportunity incremental

A BusinessWeek article titled, "HSAs Could Keep You in the Pink," by Christopher Farrell describes the use of health savings accounts (HSA). HSAs were authorized by Congress. The HSA plan has two parts. First, individuals buy a health insurance policy with a high-deductible. Second, participants open an HSA, a tax-sheltered