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Data needed to track & evaluate performance and control cost

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As a production manager, one of your key tasks is to improve efficiencies by either increasing productivity or reducing cost. Determine whether the responsibility reports needed to track performance should be created by department, function, or manager, using a costing method of your choice. Based on the costing method you selected, determine the type of data needed to track and evaluate performance to control costs such as cost per unit, cost per hour, etc. Be specific with your examples.

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Your discussion is 319 words and recommends a "by manager" report and standard costing. Reasons are given and a list of data provided.

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The production area is a cost control department since it has little ability to generate sales, control asset investments, and change product mix. Production management is concerned with quality, efficiency and cost control. I would create a report based on department and adopt a standard costing system.

The reason for a department level report is that production has "centers" and each likely has a manager. Each manager has dramatically different but inter-related duties and outcomes. For instance, if the engineering department ...

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