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Discuss a current Management Accounting Issue (2013)

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Collect and analyze two newspaper or magazine articles relation to management accounting issues. The analysis should include:

1. What specific managerial accounting concepts were discussed or addressed
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts
3. Demonstrate why this article is a good example of the concept

You can use articles that positively show the use of managerial accounting or those that show a lack of correct understanding of managerial accounting.

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The first article is about the impact of activity-based costing on telecom company performance. The researchers sent surveys to accounting professionals at telecom firms and asked about activity-based costing practices. Their hypothesis is that implementing ABC should reduce costs by giving more visibility to resources consumed and therefore permit better management of those costs. They found this generally true but firm did not all implement ABC to their full advantage due to ...

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Your tutorial is 302 words and two references for current scholarly articles.

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