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Types of Accounting Services

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What are the three types of accountants and what services do they provide? What type of client would each accountant oversee?

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The solution discusses the types of accounting services.

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I have provided you with some information about the the various type of accounting/accountant forms, with some examples and cites for references. The sites provided will give you more detailed information if it is needed for your present or any future questions you may have.

While the question asks what the three types of accountants are, it should be noted that there is actually as many seven various types of accountants. All have their own specialties within this field. These main types of accountants/accounting are as followed:
1. Financial accountant/accounting
2. Managerial accountant/accounting
3. Government accountant/accounting
4. Tax accountant/accounting
5. Forensic accountant/accounting
6. Project accountant/accounting
7. Auditors for internal use
8. Social
9. Consulting (Types of Accounting, 2013)

The most favorable three within the business world that one thinks of when ...

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