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Lean Manufacturing

SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Dies)

How does the service (setup and changeover) procedures used for racing cars differ from that of regular auto servicing? Is there anything that can be learned from the difference? What does this query have to do with SMED?

Allocation of Fixed Costs

Based on the articles attached... Describe the process of allocation of IT costs. Do you agree with the approach? Why or why not? What is the purpose of the allocation? What are the benefits of the allocation? Compare and contrast ABC Costing and Lean Manufacturing. How is the decision making in this organizat

Lean System

1- What potential problems must the operations manager deal with in developing and scheduling lean production? 2- When is it necessary to utilize a real-time information system in scheduling a lean system? Why?

Lean Management Practices

Web Circuits is a Malaysian based custom manufacturer for high technology companies. Senior management wants to introduce lean management practices to reduce production costs and remain competitive. A consultant has recommended that the company start with a pilot project in one department and, when successful, diffuse these prac

Overhead costs explained in this answer

Birch Company normally produces and sells 30,000 units of RG-6 each month. RG-6 is a small electrical relay used as a component part in the automotive industry. The selling price is $22 per unit, variable costs are $14 per unit, fixed manufacturing overhead costs total $150,000 per month, and fixed selling costs total $30,000

Crown Cork and Seal

See the article 'Crown Cork and Seal Company, Inc.' by Richard G. Hamermesh, Karen Gordon, and John P. Reed. Please analyze the case by addressing this main question: What are the most important elements of Crown's Strategy and how they have been implemented?

About Lean Production.

Riordan: Discussion of lean production for the new process design and supply chain process.

Analysis of Financial Statements

What are some potential problems and limitations to financial analysis? What are some qualitative factors analysts should consider when evaluating a company's likely future financial performance.

Lean production

Reduction of inventory without consideration to current operations has been criticized and some finance and accounting departments make inventory and purchasing decisions without really understanding operations. Should lean production be eliminated? If not, how should lean production be modified to gain the best result? What w

Return on Investment Analysis

The contribution format income statement for Williamson Inc. for last year is given below: Total Unit Sales $8,000,000 $160 Less variable exp. $5,600,000 112 Contribution margin $2,400,000 48 Less fixed expenses

Implementing Lean in Manufacturing

A manufacturer of radios is experiencing poor quality and delivery performance. The factory assembly line has adequate capacity to satisfy customer requirements. The equipment used in the assembly process is new and in good condition. Select at least three elements of lean manufacturing which may improve both quality and deliver

Quality Assurance: Sampling and Continuous Improvement

For manufacturing operations, the United States has seen a dramatic shift away from local manufacturing, and seeing operations move overseas or to other countries (i.e., Mexico) to take advantage of lower labor costs. Read the article "Manufacturers Like Us" published in Industry Week, November 2004, by David Drickhamer, that s

Develop an Operational Flow - The Sandwich Factory

The Sandwich Factory Operations Management deals with the management of production operations. Production operations consist of those activities, which transform an input into an output. Inputs typically come from suppliers, while outputs generally go to customers. If you looked at a factory, you would see input material

Automotive Industry Reward Question

Please assist in answering these questions in detail. a.Explain the concept of total rewards using the five elements of Ford's Motor Industry total reward system. b. Assess the impact of rewards systems on the organizational performance of companies in the automotive industry. c. Evaluate the relative importance of

Operations Management - Process-focused manufacturing?

Lawn Animal makes lawn mowers. Most of the parts for the lawn mowers are bought from other companies, and Lawn Animal assembles those parts to produce the lawn mowers. There are several functions that are performed in producing these lawn mowers. First, the main mower platform, which is purchased from a supplier, is de-burred an

Lean Manufacturing / UPS & HP

UPS and HP . Both of these entered into a joint venture whereby your HP computer is repaired at a UPS site to avoid transportation costs to a more distant location and, more importantly, to increase customer satisfaction by shortening the repair process. Per consumer request UPS & HP do go hand and hand when these issues occur w

Inventory Management: JIT, MRP, ERP, and Lean Operations

You have just received a phone call from a senior partner at one of the "Big Four" management consultancies. She wants to meet with you to discuss the most recent developments in Inventory Management, including JIT, MRP, ERP, and Lean operations. You suspect that her true motive is to sell a SOA (Supply Chain Opportunity Assessm

Strategic Management: Traditional manufacturing

Traditional manufacturing __________. (a) Is no longer used (b) Requires a tradeoff between unit costs and product variety (c) Has higher unit costs than flexible manufacturing (d) Produces a variety of products in higher volumes (e) Has higher unit costs than flexible manufacturing and requires a tradeoff between un